MLM Sponsoring and Duplication – Improving the Odds


MLM Sponsoring Improving the oddsSo you may have heard that the odds are against you achieving massive success with MLM sponsoring and duplication in your network marketing business.

You may also have heard suggestions that you should use  a marketing system like MLSP alongside your network marketing business, but will it really help you if you are just starting out and have no clue how to bring your business online?

MLSP is an awesome system, but I recognize that not all people who are bringing their business online for the first time understand why they need to do what the  marketing system shows them how to do and how it actually relates to MLM Sponsoring and duplication.

Many see the huge amount of training material inside MLSP as information overload instead of a huge library of outstanding and hi-tech cutting edge marketing material that it is.  They are unsure of where to turn, do not tap into the resources available to them for help and end up with business “paralysis” which leads to no MLM sponsoring,  zero results and the perception of failure.  I see this happen all the time.

So how can MLSP actually help you with the MLM sponsoring cycle and duplication?

Myself and my colleague Ruth Alade who have both been seeing some outstanding MLM Sponsoring results from using MLSP have got together to help our teams not only get started, but to duplicate exactly what we are doing to attract up to 30 FREE leads a day.

Here’s an example of the sort of weekly coaching that I do with my colleague Ruth Alade for our growing team.  This week’s webinar focused on Facebook training and you can watch it by clicking the picture link here.

MLM Sponsoring facebook training




Feel  free to come and join us next Monday at 7pm EST when we share some more top marketing strategies designed to keep you away from information overload but instead provide you with a simple step by step strategy for generating your first 10 leads online for FREE.

To ensure you get notification of the webinar link, please complete the form on this link and if you have a specific area of interest that you would like covered then please add it and we will do our best to accommodate it in the coming weeks, this link will also ensure that you are advised of our MLSP weekly webinars that are on cutting edge marketing strategies too .

You do not need to be a member of MLSP to take part in the call, but you may see the benefits of joining a marketing system like this when you take a look at what’s inside.

You will then definitely understand how MLSP can help you with your MLM Sponsoring and duplication.


And here’s my favourite Facebook webinar for the economy right now….



Over the last 18 Months I have generated Thousands of Leads online and become one of the top Income Earners in my Primary Business. If you are sick of tiny pay checks and would like to join a team where I take YOUR success personally and where we have EVERYTHING set up for you to succeed then Click Here to find out more.

Skype: NickyVitality
YouTube: MLMDiamond
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  1. Drew Innes says:

    Hi Nicky, great perspective here. You are right about MLSP in that it has a plethora of information that could on first glance seem overwhelming. So the only way to ‘eat an elephant’ is one bite at a time and the best way to devour it is with someone coaching you every step of the way. I’ve found that all of these amazing systems still require a road map and guide to fast track your orientation.
    Drew Innes recently posted..Are You A Prospecting Disaster?My Profile

  2. Nicky says:

    I agree Drew – people just seem to be crying out for a bit of hand holding and if that’s what they need, then I am happy to do it.
    Thanks for stopping by,

  3. Great info Nicky will have to catch you on one of those webinars. A library is exactly how I view all the great training we have in the MLSP backoffice. No need to watch it all at once just learn what you want to focus on for now.
    Kelly S Elliott recently posted..How I got on the Leaderboards for MLSPMy Profile

  4. Angel Alvaro says:

    Great stuff here Nicky. it is so true what you said about MLSP. I fell into that overwhelm trap when I started with MLSP and had to step back to see what i really have to do. I am now on track once I picked one strategy and focus on it.

    Thanks for sharing Nicky.
    Angel Alvaro recently posted..My Lead System Pro’s Live The Dream 2My Profile

  5. Nicky says:

    Thanks Angel – Yes I have seen it a few times now which is why we want to help those new to MLSP who just need that extra helping hand with the set up and understanding the marketing funnel.
    Thanks for stopping by Angel

  6. Nicky says:

    Exactly Kelly – I think people see the hundreds of trainings in there and don’t break it down into strategies and sometimes just need a little help with that.
    You would be most welcome on our calls Kelly,

  7. I must say you and Ruth are true leaders. It’s great to see the leadership you are providing to your team and the MLSP community. Keep rocking!!
    Galen Morgigno recently posted..10 Different Motivational Tips You Didn’t Think AboutMy Profile

  8. Nicky says:

    Thanks Galen – You’re a pretty good leader yourself with the 100 day Challenge – such a
    great job you guys are doing.
    Thanks for stopping by,

  9. Danny says:

    MLSP is absolutely a great marketing tool to start generating leads for your business. If you learn and implement the marketing strategies in the backoffice in mlsp you will definitely achieve success in your business!
    Danny recently posted..Clever Container Legit Network Marketing Online ReviewMy Profile

  10. Nicky says:

    It certainly is Danny – it took my business from struggling to profitable in 5 weeks and I have
    never looked back – best decision I ever made!
    Thanks Danny

  11. What a power point on perspective Nicky! Forget seeing the amount of materials as a burden, or overwhelming. Tune into massive abundance, by using these materials daily. Do it step by step.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted..A Cash Gifting and Law of Attraction Lesson | Synchronizing Like-minded People To Co-create ChangeMy Profile

  12. Nicky says:

    Thanks Ryan – there’s a fine line in people’s thoughts of information overload and a library
    of information. I even find myself inwardly groaning if a “guru” states that there are “30
    step by step videos” in a course I may be looking at. ;)

  13. Great post here Nicky, thanks for sharing my friend.
    Nathan Gonzalez recently posted..3 Critical Musts To Achieve Massive Success In ZurvitaMy Profile

  14. Nicky says:

    Hey Nathan, great to see you here!

  15. Kim Mullette says:

    MLSP is a great tool for anyone in the Network Marketing Industry and it certainly made a big impact on my business since joining 11 months ago. Thanks Nicky.
    Kim Mullette recently posted..The Power of Residual IncomeMy Profile

  16. You and Ruth did a fantastic job on the Facebook training webinar!
    Perig Vennetier recently posted..Empower Network, Awesome New Tool Or Distraction?My Profile

  17. Nicky says:

    Ooooh me too Kim! I can’t believe I stuck my head in the sand for so long! This could have
    saved me a whole heap of time if I had joined earlier!
    Thanks for stopping by,

  18. Nicky says:

    Thanks Perig !
    You’ve been putting out some great webinars just lately too my friend,
    Thanks for taking the time to comment, it is appreciated,

  19. Alecia says:

    Great tips in helping each other succeed. Thanks.
    Alecia recently posted..How To Connect With Network MarketersMy Profile

  20. IF you are serious about online MLM marketing, then MLSP should be your best bet. It has been a blessing to me. Thanks Nicky
    Godwin Okoduwa recently posted..How to overcome challenges in the MLM or Network marketing industry.My Profile

  21. Nicky says:

    I agree Godwin – MLSP has been a real game changer for me too – and of course you get to meet some fantastic people too – MLSP is more than just an education platform, it is a whole community of like minded and positive marketers who are all helping each other to succeed.
    Thanks for stopping by Godwin,

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