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MLSP Review | Why I Left MLSP

MLSP ReviewIn this MLSP review, I’m going to be sharing an insiders view of MLSP and then I’ll explain why I left.

Okay so first of all – what is MLSP?

MLSP is an Attraction marketing system designed for Network Marketers (mainly) but could, in all honesty be used by anyone who wants to market a business online or learn some affiliate marketing skills.

My Lead System Pro (MLSP) was developed  by  three Network Marketers, FOR Network Marketers  to  address the two biggest problems in the Network Marketing “industry” and they are:

1) not being able to find enough prospects to talk to – most new Network Marketers are taught to contact their friends and family, but when they are not interested then the new distributor is left stranded and not knowing how to speak to people about their business so they try to advertise but have no real idea how to brand themselves or promote their business professionally in order to attract high caliber new recruits

2) not generating enough cashflow to “fund” the prospecting process – many distributors of a Network Marketing company drop out after the first 90 days when they have not been able to generate the income that they thought they would

So how does MLSP work?

There are so many reasons why MLSP works so well but let’s start with the most valuable points about MLSP.

1)  MLSP works by allowing even complete “newbies” to be able to brand themselves as people of authority by sharing valuable marketing content and free training with their prospects.  Quite simply MLSP provides marketing training that is stored in a comprehensive library for learning new skills, but so that you don’t have to wait around and try and put all the pieces of a marketing funnel together yourself – they also have some ready made campaigns for you to give away.

Okay……so if you’re new…’re probably wondering what on earth I mean by that and you’re still confused  right?

So let me give you a couple of scenarios to show you how you might use MLSP as a tool to help you build your primary business because there is a real psychology as to why this works (and trust me it works like gangbusters!! :)  ) – but before I do that – let me explain the psychology.

Let’s say you saw a starving dog in the street and although it was very nervous of you – you went over and left it some food.  The dog eats the food nervously watching you and then moves away.

The next day, you go back again and you see the same dog, but this time the dog comes to you with more trust in his eyes – and you feed him again.

The next day the dog is waiting for you and wags his tail when you arrive because he TRUSTS you and he may even bring a couple of friends!  You have given him something he wants…..and now he wants to give something back to you.  But he has nothing to give except his trust and now he wants to follow you.

You have given FIRST before you ask anything of him.

And this is the same for humans.

Think back to when anyone has done something really nice for you and wanted NOTHING in return.  It doesn’t happen every day does it?  but when it does happen – It makes you feel good….but if we are a normal human being – it also makes us want to ‘give back’ in some way either by passing on the goodwill or doing something that we know will be good for the person who helped us.

In marketing – we call this “Attraction Marketing”.  We give value out to our prospect FIRST before asking them to do anything for us (like clicking a link or looking at our sales page).

So let’s look at a couple of scenarios as to how you can use MLSP in your Network Marketing business like so many of the leaders do.

MLSP Review – Scenario One

Say you just got started in your Network Marketing business and you had no clue how to market your business online.  You know you could be using YouTube or Facebook or Twitter or Instagram to build your business……but you just don’t know how to do it.

Then someone you get chatting to on Facebook who seems really nice and helpful and genuinely interested in you, asks you if you’re happy in your MLM – and you are…….because you only just got started……but you’re not making any money.  So you know that you don’t want to join their MLM but you can see they are having more success than you.  But then they offer to help you to build YOUR business by giving you FREE access to some Facebook, or YouTube or Twitter or Instagram training that they use, that will show you how to generate leads for your business online.

You’d be pretty pleased right?

And you stay in touch with that person because they helped you and you didn’t mind that when you registered for the free training you had to enter your email because you find  yourself getting some really useful emails from them that help you all the time to build your business.

So you stay close to them because they always seem to provide really helpful information.  And when they occasionally share products that they recommend – then you’d be very likely to buy them, because you have built up the trust.  And hey…..if your MLM doesn’t work out – then who do you think you will join…..

People join People – and they join people, they know, like and trust.

MLSP Review – Let’s take scenario 2……

Let’s say you added MLSP to your business to help you learn some new marketing skills, because as a business owner we should always be looking to learn some new skills – and say this training system had an affiliate program that paid a high percentage commission on other customers you bring in to the system.  So this automatically gives you a secondary income source AND if you shared the marketing training system with your own team in your primary company, then they are all being trained on how to build their business properly……double wammy for you right?  Not only are you receiving a monthly residual check from your marketing system – but your customers in MLSP are gaining the marketing knowledge to be able to build their primary business more effectively.

So you go through the library of training and you find out how to generate leads for free using Facebook, YouTube, blogging, Twitter, (and SO much more) and you are chatting to people on Facebook using the strategies we teach.  And because we teach you how to lead with value when chatting with people then you will soon find out if someone is happy with their business or maybe looking for a business.

But they may say No to your business because they are happy where they are (for now!)

So before… would have just said goodbye and that would be the end of the conversation for now.   But NOW you can ask them how they would like to generate leads and then you could offer them some free training based on what their response is, or you could invite them to the free weekly marketing training webinar.   Now who is going to turn THAT one down?

And to register for the free training they have to leave their email – which goes straight onto your list of subscribers.  And yes….you guessed it – then they start to get really helpful emails on how to build their business.

And the emails have all been written by professional copywriters and email marketers designed specifically to show the value of MLSP as a tool in your system and convert them to paying customers in YOUR team.

So does this make a little more sense now and can you see how powerful that is?

So let’s look at what you get inside of MLSP?

So inside of MLSP, you get:

1)  The Marketing Training library on pretty much every marketing strategy you can think of.

2)  Weekly marketing training webinars which you can use as a value based giveaway to people who you are talking to (known as a “lead – magnet” to attract people to you)

3)  Daily wake-up calls to help you get motivated and taking the right action each day

4)  A full “start here” step by step walk through of the system to get set up ready to earn commissions

5)  27 stand alone Marketing training products from some of the top earners in the industry today that you can retail for FREE and earn up to 100% commissions on

6)  A full sequence of follow up emails written by sales specialists that includes marketing the retail products on your behalf AND your own Network Marketing Company!

7)  The ability to share your primary business with your MLSP team through the back office and automated emails

8)  Video and image hosting

9)  A full CRM  (customer relationship management) system so you can keep track of your leads, your contacts and your advertising

10) Ability to add your own team training when you are ready

11)  A range of FREE trainings to give away to your prospects that each come with a unique capture page so that your prospect has to “opt-in” to access the training.  Then of course they are on your list of subscribers

12)  A fully integrated auto responder for your first 500 leads

And much more that is suitable for the more experienced marketer such as customizable capture pages, a full funnelizer system to create complete funnels from scratch and built in retargeting campaign tracking software.

MLSP also has one of the most supportive communities online today with a generous recognition plan – this is very important when new people get started.

In my opinion it is the best system on the market today for training people into an Internet or MLM online marketing business.  For more information about MLSP and to answer the most frequently asked questions then you can see another one of my articles here:  MLSP: FAQs

MLSP Review – What the Others Won’t Tell You!

Okay – so there must be some bad things about MLSP right?  Let’s be candid here and lay out the “warts and all” view of the system.

Well firstly some people are mis-informed about what MLSP actually is and they don’t truly understand how to use MLSP to get leads for their primary business.  They think that they will get it set up and then leads will somehow come flowing into their business.  Obviously it’s not quite that easy……so this is why I have shown you two earlier scenarios of how you might use MLSP in your business.

Secondly – many people take one look in the back office and are immediately overwhelmed with the amount of awesome information in there.  It truly has everything in one place for the online marketer – which is an absolute dream when you know what you’re doing, but if you’re new and you don’t understand it all, then you might struggle with knowing what to focus on.

Thirdly – the marketing training library has one of the most comprehensive training libraries I’ve ever seen – but again – there is just about every marketing strategy out there and some people think they have to learn it all and get overwhelmed, confused and end up taking no action at all.

This is why when I have new members starting in my team, I will always walk through the system with them – add them to our team facebook group and map out a plan of action for them to help them build their businesses based on the amount of time they have available and their budget.  And of course we have many other leaders in our team too that can help with day to day queries.

So why did I leave MLSP?

Good question.

I first joined MLSP back in 2011 and the system looked a little different to how it looks today, and there were different memberships.

I made my first commissions online with MLSP so it truly has a place in my heart but after being with MLSP for 2 years, I then changed my primary business.

Around this time MLSP also changed a lot of their system and introduced a lot of new training material which I just didn’t have time to watch because I was so focused on my new business.  Using the training I had learned in MLSP, I was able to generate my first 5-figure month with my new business and I figured that I just didn’t need MLSP any more.

So I just focused on my primary business.

But after a while, I started to see that many of the leaders where I was, were also with MLSP, because having a front end marketing system is a “tool” that anyone building a business can use.

And of course I kept seeing things that MLSP were introducing in my newsfeed.  It all looked really exciting again with the new products, new up to date trainings on Instagram, YouTube and all the social networks, the new funnelizer system and even more exciting is the launch of a blog inside of MLSP.

And when there are so many other programs out there that are designed to just line the pockets of the creators – MLSP stands out from the crowd because of the leaders who all have really big hearts.

So I rejoined!

And I am so happy to be back here.  And you know that when you feel good about something – it feels right.  Because I know that I can help so many more people than I could by just promoting my primary opportunity.

And I like helping people.

MLSP Review – How much does it cost?

There are currently two memberships inside of MLSP, (with a new “Coaching” level program to be added shortly) – the University and the Mastery level.  But in my opinion – the Mastery level is where you want to be – no question about it.

University – $49.97

Mastery – $149.97

Now if you’re looking at that and think – well I can’t afford to pay $149 each month – then you are looking at this all wrong (excuse me for being so blunt!).   For each customer that you refer at the Mastery level – you earn $100 for each month they are active – so just two customers and your own subscription is paid and you are in profit.  PLUS there is a possibility that ANY affiliate will want to take the coaching offer or purchase any of the specific training products which means you can earn up to $1,500 from a single person.

Does MLSP Work? – Why Join Nicky Price’s MLSP Team?

Systems work……but only if the people running them do!!

Okay so one of the key things I love about MLSP is that anyone can do it – however when I rejoined MLSP – I wanted to join a team where they had some team training set up like I used to do for my own team the first time around.  I knew that it helped my team members very much.

So I joined someone who has the most amazing skill of connecting with people on the social networks and who sponsors between 1 – 3 people a DAY using free marketing strategies because I knew that this is something that a lot of people would want to know how to do.

She provides training for any of our team who are interested to find out how she brought in over 100 new customers at the Mastery level into MLSP in her first few weeks.

I have also had a lot of experience with MLSP and with building large teams in 2 different MLMs through online and social media marketing but I wanted to be able to give you the best possible start to MLSP because I believe in it so much.

So I have recently put together a training product that will show anyone who goes through it, how to build a recruitment marketing funnel for their MLM business using MLSP.  This product is currently retailing at $297, but as a Mastery level member of my own personal MLSP team you will get that training course for FREE once you have been an active MLSP Mastery Member for 2 months.

So there you have it!

For more information on working with me at the Mastery level membership please click the picture below.

I hope you have enjoyed this MLSP review and I hope you have come to realise that this is truly the best system out there to work alongside your MLM business

Nicky Price

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