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Network Marketing Lead Generation – Day 2

email marketingNetwork Marketing lead generation online makes sense because you can reach so many more people than you can “offline” but ONLY if you do it right.

Sadly most people will never take the time to learn some online marketing strategies for their Network Marketing business because it takes a little effort to learn. (more…)

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Network Marketing Training | 3 Reasons You’re Not Making Money & What to Do

Network Marketing TrainingThis article will probably be the best Network marketing Training you will ever get.

Bold statement I know……but it’s the truth.

Because it could save you months and even years of time and heartache.

Now I’m not here to put down the Network Marketing industry – heck no.  I love it.  BUT……if you’re not making the money that you believed you could make, then just take 5 minutes, turn off distractions and pay close attention to what I’m going to share here.

It will be well worth your time, I promise.


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3 Strategies You Can Do NOW to Build Your Business


The system I talk about here is MLSP – Click Here to find out more ==>

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Is Network Marketing Dead?

network marketingWell if you look at the history books you will actually see that Network Marketing companies always experience huge growth during economic downturn.
And of course much of the world is in recession right now.
So why would I say Network Marketing is dead?
Well because I am sick and tired of hearing the same story from disgruntled Network Marketers who are saying that the methods they are being taught flat out don’t work.
So they bring their business online……
And then they get overwhelmed with everything there is to learn.
And the overwhelm leads to paralysis in their business and they end they end up tired, frustrated
and out of pocket.  Their dreams are shattered.  I see it all the time
And it’s true.
The stats are HORRENDOUS!
97% of you (if you are in Network Marketing ) will be suffering from the same thing. 

So how come my business partner Ruth and I are experiencing $1,500 DAYS in our business (and yet we both failed at Network Marketing?)
We really want to help you because we KNOW we can.
(If you want to be helped that is 😉  )
So we’ve decided to tell everyone about EXACTLY what we’ve been doing.  We’re going to tell you why prospecting your friends and family is the dumbest way to build your business.   We’re going to explain the reason why 97% of Network Marketers will remain poor, broke and frustrated (and it’s not just because you 
can’t sponsor enough people!!) – you may be surprised by this one.
Then we’re going to show you exactly how Ruth and I are experiencing $1,500 days online.  And how you could be doing the exact same thing in just a matter of days from now (not weeks, months or even years!).
Here’s a quick Jing picture of my back office from the last two weeks:
Proof of Empower Network

Come and join us on Tuesday 20th November at 10pm UK time (5pm EST)and we will show you exactly what we’re  doing to achieve this. Here’s the link to register for the free webinar:
There’s no hype, no fluff – just some straight talking.  Just how we know you like it.
You’ll be blown away ……..
Even complete newbies are doing this.  Plus we’re going to show you how you can have a head start on everyone else.
Here’s the link again:
Get registered now and we’ll see you on Tuesday.
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whats working for us.
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Network Marketing Secrets: 7 Steps to Change the Next 100 Days

Network marketing Success Do you think there are any real Network Marketing Secrets?

Well I suppose a “secret” is just something that nobody has yet told you about.

So here is my  Network Marketing secrets that I want to share with you that has had an impact on the results for so many people that I care about.

You see the two biggest problems that network marketers face is generating fresh new prospects to speak to and being able to generate cashflow to keep your business alive – wouldn’t you agree? (more…)

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