Shaklee Review – Here’s What They Won’t Tell You!

Shaklee ReviewShaklee Review – Here’s what they won’t tell you!

Well done.  You have done your research having landed on this page and you will find this a fair and honest Shaklee review.  You are almost good to go, but you are looking for reassurance that Shaklee is not a dodgy pyramid  scam and that it really works.   Quite rightly so, there are hundreds of Network Marketing companies all promising the same thing high quality product and more importantly wealth.

But how do you pick a Network Marketing company that really delivers on what the sponsor says?   It can be hard, frustrating, time consuming and most of all costly to find a company that is rock solid and has a successful business model.

I am about to share my research on Shaklee with you and hopefully it will enable you to make an informative decision whether Shaklee is a right business opportunity for you, but I would like you to watch this video too!


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Shaklee Review – Overview

Shaklee has been pioneering natural nutrition for the last 50 years providing people with a range of health products including; high quality vitamins and supplements, cellular anti-aging, natural weight loss, personal and skin care, and biodegradable cleaning concentrates.

Shaklee is great news for people who want to buy products that are environmentally friendly and ethical Shaklee is committed to making truly sustainable natural products that respect the earth.

What differentiates Shaklee is that they are focused on development and have driven their continued growth by re-investing in research and product advancement.   Over the years Shaklee has spent more than $250million on research and development, this alone demonstrates their passion to the industry and commitment to their customers.

Shaklee Review –  Is it a scam or not?

Okay, let’s get one thing straight that during this Shaklee review, I can confirm unequivocally that Shaklee is NOT a scam.   The following points support the fact that the company is a fully legitimate and indeed a profitable business.

  • Stable and established company – Shaklee has been around for over 50 years. If it was a scam, they would have wrapped their business up a long time ago, taken the monies and crossed the border to Mexico.
  • Sponsoring – Since 1980, Shaklee has been the exclusive nutritional sponsor of the U.S. Ski Team and U.S. Snowboarding team.
  • Real Product Portfolio – Shaklee have real, tangible products.
  • Continuous commitment to R&D – Shaklee has spent over $250 Million on research and development for their products. Now, any company that would be a scam would not reinvest their profits.

Shaklee Review – But I have heard that it is a scam…

You have heard it too?  All you need to do is to google ‘Shaklee Scam’ or Shaklee review and more than enough people are ready to back these claims.  Most often these stories arise when a former distributer has failed to make any money.  This could be for a number of reasons, but is most likely because they did not have the appropriate training or the drive to grow their own business and reap the rewards.

Don’t be fooled that setting up a Network Marketing business is simple and easy.  If you think that you will be making thousands of $$$ on your 1st month, think again and carefully.   A Network Marketing business is no different to an ordinary business, it will take time and effort to make it successful and can become very rewarding but getting there doesn’t need to be too strenuous as long as you get the basics right.

shaklee review





Shaklee Review – Is Shaklee opportunity right for you?

Shaklee is an ideal opportunity for anyone who is looking to generate extra income, want to run their own business and indeed be their own boss.   You will need the following to get you started.

  1. Cash – to get yourself set up
  2. Determination – only through hard work  you will succeed
  3. Leads – without customers you have no business

As Shaklee is an established business and have a very good business model, it is easy to see why so many people are joining Shaklee.  However, there are also some points that you should give a consideration to before signing up, which I have summarised below.

Shaklee Review – How much will I earn?

Shaklee also has a reasonably good compensation plan, however of course it is down to you how much you will earn based on sponsoring of recruits and a percentage of the product sales from you and your downline.

Distributors can join at four levels from $19.95 to $750. Bonuses are paid on purchase volume.

You have three different membership options.

Super Gold Ambassador $750.00

Gold Ambassador $299.00

Distributor $39.95

Member $19.95

Over 1,600 people have made over $1m with Shaklee, and many more are enjoying a good lifestyle with the income they generate through their Shaklee business.

Shaklee Review – Here’s what they won’t tell you

It’s hard work to build a network marketing business and the failure rates are extremely high IF you don’t have a marketing strategy in place.  This is a business and although it is a “home business” you need to have a solid plan incorporating online marketing methods to make it work.

The biggest issue for all network marketers is running out of prospects to talk to, not knowing “how” to talk to prospects effectively, and running out of cash to advertise when they run out of prospects.

I  know this because it happened to me!

Shaklee Review – Action plan for success

1)  Write down what you want from your business – what I mean by that is, you need to know your income goals and where you want to go with this.   Failing to do this, is like jumping in the driving seat of the car with no idea of where you’re going or what your route is going to be.

2)  Take time to learn the business that you’re in.  And I don’t just mean Shaklee – I mean Network Marketing.  The clue is in the name – take time to learn how to build your network and how to market your business properly by learning some simple online marketing strategies.

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3)  Choose your sponsor wisely – this is very important.  Choose someone who has the online marketing skills that you want to acquire, and of course someone who is already achieving what you want to achieve.  Ask them to map you out how you can earn a residual income of $1,000 per month and how many people /sales you would need to sponsor to achieve that.  (This will be a stumbling point for many sponsors as most will never have achieved a residual income of $1,000 a month.)

4)  Now this one is contentious and probably NOT what you want to hear if you’re seriously considering Network Marketing as a choice of home business…….. but that’s what this review is for.  To give you the FACTS.

So here goes…..

Network Marketing does create more millionaires than any other industry – it’s true – that’s a fact.   BUT, and it’s a BIG but……. it is also true that the way the commission structure works in most MLMs you would have to have hundreds, if not thousands of people in your downline to achieve a full time income.

The reason for this is that most MLMs pay about 5-10% on your team’s sales activity.  Think about that for a minute if you are serious about wanting to leverage the power of a team for residual income (which is the obvious goal if you are in Network Marketing).  For every $100 of product sold, you are going to earn a measly $5.

THIS is why there is such a HUGE failure rate (97%) in the industry and why so many people drop out when you have just spent ages trying to recruit them.

So what do the top achievers know that the new Network Marketer doesn’t know?

Well they know that they need to have something to offer to the people who say NO to their primary Network Marketing business.  Because this way they are able to make their advertising fund itself.

So here’s what I mean.  Let’s take two different scenarios.

Scenario One…

Say you just got started and had no clue how to market your business online.  You know you could be using YouTube or Facebook or Twitter or Instagram to build your business……but you don’t know how to do it.

Then someone tries to recruit you into their business on Facebook, but you’re happy with the one you have – so you say NO to them.  But then they offer to help you to build YOUR business by giving you free access to some Facebook, or YouTube or Twitter or Instagram training……

You’d be pretty pleased right?

And you stay in touch with that person because they helped you.  And you find yourself getting some emails from them that help you all the time to build your business.

So you stay close to them because they always seem to provide really helpful information.

(It’s human instinct to want to “give back” to someone who helps you – and when your situation may change with your business – who will you want to follow, or buy something from?)

Okay let’s take scenario 2……

Say you added a Marketing training system to your business to help you – and say this training system had an affiliate programme that paid HUGE commissions on other members you bring in.  So this automatically gives you a secondary income source AND if you bring in your own downline, then they are all being trained on how to build their business properly……double wammy for you right?

So you go through the training and you find out how to generate leads for free using Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Periscope, Pinterest, blogging, Twitter, (and SO much more) and you are chatting to people on Facebook using the strategies we teach.  Then someone says NO to your primary business.

So before… would have just said goodbye.   But NOW you can say – well would you like some free training on………Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc etc etc and would you like to attend some weekly training calls that will help you build your business for FREE?  Now who is going to turn THAT one down?

And to register for the free training they have to leave their email – which goes straight onto your list of subscribers.  And yes….you guessed it – then they start to get really helpful emails on how to build their business and they get invited to weekly training webinars showing them the latest marketing strategies – all the while they are “cookied” to YOUR affiliate link should they decide to join because they see what great value it is.

Is this starting to make sense to you?

I’ve managed to build two separate businesses to 5-Figure months and I’ve done that by giving value to my prospects using the tools available through my favourite marketing system.

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As committed to your success as you are,

shaklee review

shaklee review



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