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The Money is in the List – Or is it?

How many times have you heard this? – That the “Money is in the List”?

If you’ve been around the Internet for a while then you’ve probably heard it quite a lot.  Build your list of subscribers and use email marketing to promote products.

Well I would dispute this!

In truth the “Money” is in the relationship that you build with your list and this is what so many people just don’t get.

You see you can have a large list of subscribers who may have opted-in to your website because they liked something you initially had on offer.  You can then do exactly like the marketing manual tells you to and start e-mailing your list with offers and affiliate links and the money should roll in – Right?



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What A Minor Car Accident, a £150 bill and a Picture Did For Me Today…..

(Oh and I’m okay, and so was the other driver!)

So a couple of days ago, I was just 20 yards from my house in my own quiet cul-de-sac when a woman drove round a corner straight into my car.  I knew she hadn’t been looking, because I could see her glancing down to the floor and if she had seen me, then she would have been able to stop in time, as I had.

So my car was stationery (because I could see she was going to hit me, but I could go nowhere) and she drove round a parked car on a bend and hit my car – whose fault is it? 

I didn’t think there would be any dispute, but sadly I underestimated the British Insurance industry who claimed that as there was no independent witness it would go down as 50/50 fault and I would have to claim on my insurance to have the damage fixed.

I was a tad disappointed (!) but I remembered that after the accident I had gone the extra 20 yards to my driveway and taken a picture of the damage for the insurance company.  As an afterthought (and as the other driver was now having a dispute with the person who had parked on the corner), I took a photo of the position of her car incase the insurance company asked me to draw a picture (art was never my best subject at school!).

On speaking to her insurance company and hearing that there was no question it was going to be 50/50 blame – I asked if a copy of the picture would help matters (I didn’t think it would, as I had already moved my car by this time) and he asked me to scan it and email it to him which I did. 

Within 15 minutes of sending it, the same insurance claims rep called me back and told me that this had changed everything and now they would accept full responsiblility for the repairs and all the costs associated with it.


Well it turns out that the insurance rep could see where my drive was from the picture which confirmed what position my car would have been in coming down the road – it also showed that the other driver was approaching from a slightly more minor road than the “main” road into our cul-de-sac.  To confirm what he thought about the roads he did a ‘Google Earth’ search of our road (smart guy!!) and from this he could confirm that the other driver was “much more likely” to have been at fault.

So that one picture saved me a £150 (about $210) bill that the excess for my Insurance would have cost me to get the damaged fixed !

So how does this relate to your marketing business you might ask!!

Okay well you’ve probably all heard the phrase – “A picture paints a thousand words”

You may NOT have heard the statistics that prove that people are over 70% more likely to click through an advert with a video on it than if there is just sales text.

70%  !!!!!!!!!!

Do you think you could put together a quick video to put on to your website, your advert or your landing pages if it would improve the views and clicks by 70%?   It’s so easy – Really!   Go to YouTube and type in something you are interested in or something that relates to what you want to do your video about.  See what videos are displayed and then watch some of them.  Note down what you liked about them and what you disliked – what did you notice about the presenter, their background, clothes, lighting etc?  Once you’ve got some ideas, prepare yourself a script of what you want to say.  Practice it and then reduce it to just a few bullet points and keep it handy.    Make a note of the keyword that you used to search, when the most useful and closely related videos came up – you will want to use this keyword or words within your video title.

Here’s what you will need:

1)  A video recorder and unless you want to balance it on books or boxes a small tripod is good too!

2)  A good spot light or a well lit room with the light facing you rather than behind you – even the cheapest of cam-corders can give a really professional finish if you use some good lighting.

3)  An editing software such as Windows Movie Maker

4)  An account with YouTube

Here’s a few tips for recording your Video:

1)  If your video is for your landing page – keep it fairly short.  You have between 7-15 seconds to explain to your listener what your video is about, (i.e what great pain of theirs you are going to fix) to convince them to stay and watch.  Explain what they will get by “opting in” and the benefits that this will give them.  If the video is for your website – again, the first few seconds are absolutely crucial to getting the message out  about what they can expect to see and hear in the next few minutes.

2)  Think about your background, your hair, what you are wearing – what does this say about you and does it match the message you want to give out?  If you are explaining to people why they should join your business  because you have really “made it” – don’t have a background of a bedroom with an un-made bed (you may laugh, but I have seen this done!!)  If it’s a fun message you are giving out, then dress accordingly – if it’s a professional message then dress accordingly, if you want to be unique and stand out then wear something outrageous, but just make sure you match your background and clothes with your message.

3)  Speak clearly and slightly slower than you would normally

4)  Look directly into the camera – This may seem strange at first but it is very engaging to watch.  If you move your eyes around (or try and read a script!) it looks unprofessional and untrustworthy – the eyes are a big give away and people have an unconscious “need”  to be able to see your eyes.

5)  Have a clear “call to action” for example if you want your viewer to fill in a form, then tell them, if you want them to link to your blog or website then tell them what to do.

6) Edit your video by clipping the beginning (the bit when you are leaning forwards to start your video – only applicable if you don’t have a remote controlled one :-)  ) and add your wesite details as a credit at the end as part of your call to action.

7)  Upload your edited video to YouTube using your keyword as a title

8)  Copy the embed code onto your blog and then send a message to your list telling people to check it out and asking people to comment and retweet.


And that’s it ……………..  Simple!

If you don’t like the first video you do, then ask someone you trust to check it out and give your their honest opinion (don’t be upset!) – simply re-do it if you are not happy with it, you will soon feel much more comfortable.

Good Luck!



What Did You Do This Weekend?

Did you do anything that involved ensuring your financial future is catered for?

Take a look at these really scary facts ……..

1) At age 65:

45% are dependent on relatives

30% are dependent on charity

23% are still working

2% are self-sustaining

(Source: Social Security Administration)


2) Cost and result of stock trading:

97% lost money

2% broke even

1% made money

(Source: Harvard School of Business)

3) More people are worth $100 at age 68 than at age 18.

This is after 50 years of hard work.

(Source: Devey’s Economic Tables)

4) Eighty-five out of 100 people reaching age 65 do not even have $250

(Social Security Administration)

5) It has been said “most people never plan to fail, they simply fail to plan”.

Do you have a plan?

6) 93% of the people at age 65 who have failed financially said it was because of the lack of a plan.

(Source: LIAMA Co-operative Research)


So my question is – What plan are you following?


Another statistic for you:-

There are more millionnaires created in the MLM/Network Marketing Industry than in ANY OTHER industry.

Want to see what I was doing this weekend?



Jim Yaghi and David Schwind Have Truly Lost It!!

I’m serious! 

The information these two absolute Masterminds are GIVING AWAY for FREE is just madness. 

Jim Yaghi and David Schwind of “PPC Domination” fame – revered for their absolute mastery of Google and PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising , close personal friends of Mike Dillard, Katie Freiling, Jonathan Budd,  Ray and Ferny and all round TOP BLOKES have truly lost it!

They are GIVING away their Google Masterswitch Traffic Blueprint for FREE so quick before they change their mind and come to their senses, go and download it.

Here’s the link to go and get it, but don’t hang around as I have no idea when they will come to their senses and start charging for it!

 Here’s the link:  Traffic Blueprint

Let me know what you think – I’m seeing them both in Vegas next month at their “No Excuses” Summit.

To your success,


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