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Is That One of Those Pyramid Schemes?

Okay so you’ve just joined a network marketing company because your sponsor showed you how easy it was to just find 5 people who then just duplicate and earn you a 5 figure monthly residual right??

So enthusiastically you go out and show your opportunity to all your friends and family and the first one says to you  “

Isn’t that one of those Pyramid Schemes where the person at the top makes all the money??”

So what do you say?

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Why I said NO to MLSP (My Lead SystemPro) and Other Online MLM Marketing Systems

Why did I need MLSP?

Why did I need any Online MLM Marketing System for that matter when I had spent thousands of dollars buying courses from the 7-figure earners in the industry, applied what I had learned and was generating my own leads?

So why have I done a complete ‘U’ turn and implemented MLSP into my marketing strategy now?

Good question!


Last Chance for the 100 Day Challenge

You Won’t Recognise Your Business in 100 Days From Now!

This is your last chance to register for the 100 day triple your business challenge .   Whether you are a complete newbie or a seasoned marketer – THIS is where you will differentiate yourself from the thousands of other marketers out there and start BRANDING yourself.

  • You WILL see more results in your business
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  • You WILL learn to attract more prospects and business partners
  • You will form partnerships and alliances that are VITAL to your success as a marketer and entrepreneur

 If you have the desire to drastically increase your results and you’re willing to take action and follow simple instructions you will NOT recognize your business in 100 days!

 Simply take our 30 day marketing system test drive for just $29.97 before 9pm EST tonight and we’ll send you the invite to the 100 day challenge kick off webinar that starts at (all trainings are recorded if you are unable to make any of them).

Call or email me with any questions you have.

 One thing is for sure we will be charging forward with or without you.. And you do not want to miss this unique opportunity to team up with a group of serious marketers as we plow our way to the top!!

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Explode Your Business in 2011 – Here’s How!!

How To Go From Zero To Hero In Your Online Business! – Must Watch!!

If you’ve been sitting on the sidelines wondering if you can really make a success of an online business, or if you already have a business and you’re not quite where you want to be yet  – then this is for you!!

When you’ve watched this, video – you need to contact me – go to my contact page and call, skype or email me and let’s talk.

This is RISK free – you have NOTHING to lose and absolutely EVERYTHING to gain – Don’t sit on the sidelines any more – this is YOUR chance to make 2011 your best year yet!

5 Biggest Mistakes Network Marketers Make

So today, I thought it would be really helpful to give you an idea of the 5 biggest mistakes that I have found that Network Marketers make (and I made most of them myself too!)   Actually I should probably rename this article as “The 5 Biggest Lies that New Network Marketers are Told!” because this is why we make those mistakes and if we had never been told them , then we might not all be making the same mistakes!

I’m not really a ‘betting’ person, but if I were, then I would like to bet that if your business is not building as fast as you would like, then you have probably been making at least 3 out of 5 of these ‘mistakes’ in network marketing, so here they are, and if you are doing any of them too, then stay with me whilst I see what I can do to help you put your recruitment on auto-pilot.

So here are some of the 5 biggest mistakes that network marketers make and I will cover off each one of these over the next 5 articles.

  1. Making a “List” of all the people you know – Friends, family, work colleagues etc and treating “everyone” within 3 ft of you as a prospect.
  2. Following the “proven” system that works(!).
  3. Believing that this is NOT sales so you don’t need to be able to “sell”
  4. Not “listening” to your prospects
  5. Surrounding yourself with other “newbies” to the business to “learn together”! (controversial !)

 Hmmmm …………….

Do any of these sound familiar?  Have you been told that this is what you need to do?

Okay so today let’s start with number 1 –

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