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If you are researching the Empower Network you cannot fail to see the stories of success littered all over the internet, but if you look closer you will also see a few less complimentary versions of how people followed the 90 day blog plan and got no results at all.

So what I want to share with you in this empower network review is a thorough look at the Company, the compensation plan, whether the usual “Empower Network Scam” reports have any substance and why I made the decision NOT to join when it launched.

So firstly a little bit about this rather extraordinary company The Empower Network.

The Empower Network Review – Is it a Scam?

Well it certainly created a few shockwaves in the industry when it launched in the Autumn of 2011.

As a marketer, I am always interested when someone “breaks the mould” a bit and so I took time to investigate it as it didn’t seem like any MLM model but it wasn’t quite a one off affiliate programme either.   It was different and new.

It would appear that the Empower Network “product” was a ready made, optimized (for the search engines) blog that you could just start blogging on straight away.

The blog had highly converting opt-ins and capture pages attached so that anyone visiting your blog and liking your content could opt in and be taken to a sales video and follow up.

It ‘branded’ Dave Woods and David Sharpe as the creators of the system.

But the biggest selling point about the Empower Network system was that as an affiliate of the company you were then able to promote the system and earn 100% commissions.

100% commissions I thought??   NOT possible!!  How would the Empower Network make any money?

So I investigated further and found that there is a $19 “back office merchant” fee so that you don’t have to process the financial transactions yourself.  This fee also pays for the capture pages, hosting, customer service and all the transactions.

Hmmm – I still couldn’t quite believe it.

The blog would cost $25 a month to get going and then as soon as you wanted to promote it to earn the 100 % commissions you would pay the $19 monthly admin fee.

There are then the upgrades of course……….

To get inside the “Inner Circle” you had to pay an additional $100 a month (on top of the $25 and the $19) to get access to the training.

Well as I was already a member of a top MLM Marketing system that covered just about everything you ever need to know about marketing your business online, I knew then that I was not going to pay out $144 for a blog that I didn’t need and some training that I could probably find in my back office marketing system.


So here’s why I didn’t join the Empower Network

1)   I had my own blog already that branded me and not a half naked David Wood!

2)    In the early days there did not seem to be any way of changing the picture or tailoring the blog in any way

3)   There didn’t appear to be any training for new people

4)   Their claim of 100% commissions didn’t sound quite right when you realize that you get to keep the 2nd, 4th and 6th  people that you first sponsor and your upline gets to keep  the 1st, 3rd and 5th plus every 5th after that.

I didn’t like the sound of it.

So I decided to make my own marketing decision ……. And ignore it.

I then stood  and watched in amazement as every single facebook advert on my profile and pages were filled up with people promoting the heck out of it.  Masses of people on my friends list then proceeded to “tell” me all about the Empower Network by messaging me at all times of the day about it.

I felt I had made the right decision and waited for all the hype to die down!


The Empower Network Review – The Biggest U Turn!

So why did I change my mind and jump on board with the Empower Network in the Autumn of 2012?

Okay here’s why.

In my business I had my own blog (this one) and one of the first things you need to know if you are wanting to build an MLM or any  business is that an online presence is almost essential in this day and age, but it also gives you a place to brand YOU so that you stand out from others who are promoting the same thing.

But some of the less technical members of my team were really struggling with that and even ‘though it is fully laid out for them exactly how to set up a blog from start to finish in the my marketing system I was using – they just didn’t want to do it.

I realized there and then that I was leaving “money on the table” by not offering this as a service or a tool to some of my team.

So I signed up just to be able to give this to my team as an option.

And then something strange happened.

Within a week of showing it to a couple of people who had approached me for advice on how to build their MLM (but they had lost the passion for it) they decided to join the Empower Network because they had heard so much about the 100% commissions!

So I upgraded to the $100 package because my costs were already covered  (you see how that works? – just TWO sign ups and your own membership is covered.).

Now that was a gamechanger because I noticed that people were “hanging around” longer – they didn’t disappear off to planet Zorb like they did in my old Network Marketing business!

And the training inside the inner circle of the Empower Network blew me away!  This was stuff that just isn’t being taught out there ANYWHERE!

Trust me! – I know!

And more people joined.

Then I realized something else.   Dave is a product of his own business.  He is only making his money by building his business by being the top distributors in his own company – so he is ‘on the ground’ doing exactly what I am doing.

I loved that.

So recognizing that my new team members are all at different stages of  marketing knowledge – I partnered up with one of the larger teams in Empower Network that had a full training site AND a different marketing funnel – meaning we could stand out more.  This site gives step by step training plus daily webinars on how you can start to get leads and cashflow right out of the gate.  Even if you are a complete newbie!


So the Empower Network quickly became my favourite source of income on the internet – because the 1,3,5 and every 5th passup is NOTHING compared to the amount of passups I am now receiving from my downline and I also found that I made more money in Empower Network in 3 weeks than I had for the whole previous year with my MLM.

And then I realised why!

lightbulb moment solo ads

Now I am not here to put down the MLM industry – heck I love it – it just didn’t work for me very well!!  But here was a MASSIVE “lightbulb” moment for me that I want to share with you.

You see most MLMs pay out about 5-10% on their downline teams.  So when I worked out my average revenue per distributor (total distributors divided by total income) it came to just $9 per distributor.  But with the Empower Network because of the 100% commissions plus pass ups, it came to over $500 per member of my team.


Hmmmm……… It’s powerful stuff but I do need to mention this.

PLEASE don’t be fooled that high incomes in any business are easily achieved – it takes time and effort to build a powerful residual income, but Empower Network is one of the only Companies that I know that is proud to display it’s Income Disclaimer, so please go ahead and read it if you want to and trust me this is SO much higher earning potential than most/all of the other MLMs out there!

You see  I had only been in the Empower Network about 3 weeks when I got my first $1,497 day because I had upgraded to the $15k formula the minute my other costs were covered.  So to earn the BIG money, you do need to position yourself at the higher end of the products.  But if you can’t afford to do that straight away, then just do it when you get the 100% commission – reinvest it back into your business like I did.


So what about some articles out there claiming that the Empower Network is nothing more than a pyramid scheme and has no actual product?

Well that one makes me laugh a little because there are 5 Core products inside Empower – each one taking you a step higher in your marketing knowledge until you reach the $15k Formula product (which is exactly that -  the EXACT formula you need for $15k per month).  That product blew me away with the skills and strategies taught and it’s updated regularly with what’s working right NOW.  Then there is the Masters product – currently the highest level product and this product is for when you are building a huge business.  Guru level stuff that is not taught anywhere I have ever seen except maybe in extortionately high priced “private events” from over hyped up Gurus!

It’s like getting a marketing “degree” level education, but a lot more useful!

So if you’re sick of making tiny MLM checks or failing to make any sort of income online from affiliate programs – come and take a peak at what we’re doing.

So how do I make money with the Empower Network?

Okay so you make money in the Empower Network by retailing the core training products and the monthly membership to those core training products.

Then once you have purchased your own membership and products, you are then able to receive commissions on your team members.  The 1st, 3rd and 5th products sold at each product level are passed up to your sponsor or powerline sponsor.  The 2nd, 4th, 6th and every other sale after that except for every 5th, then comes to you.

It’s very powerful – and of course…’s 70% commissions on all of the products which is exceptionally high in the industry.

So Can I guarantee you will earn what I do?  No of course not, because I don’t know you or know what your work ethic is (please read the income disclaimer) and anyone that says they can guarantee you will earn a six figure income is lying to you.  But what I can guarantee you is that you will have everything you need right at your fingertips to be able to achieve success if you have the right mindset, are coachable and are prepared to take daily consistent action.

And I will plug you right in to my $10k per month formula

This is truly the only system I have seen that allows you to achieve so much, so quickly.  And things like this happen when I was away for just 4 days!

Nicky Price with the Empower Network

“Leveraging the Power of the Internet”

There are other Companies now trying to copy the exact model that Empower Network uses but in my opinion the business could never be recreated somewhere else, because the culture is around the founder David Wood.

He has a passion for helping people and caring like I have never seen before.  He also has a VERY strong “why” for doing what he does.

You see the Empower Network builds People and leadership skills whilst earning residual income.  It’s a game-changer in the online world and allows people with no previous marketing skills to come online and earn an income!


Team Updates

Now of course in the Empower Network, it is very important whose team you join.  I have had numerous people come to me and say they wished they had understood that with a supportive team around them, they would have had a much easier ride.  Because it is definitely proven that if you have help and support from a community of people who are already doing exactly what you want to do – then it dramatically improves your chances of success.

Okay this all sounds great, but will it work for ME….?

Well I can’t really answer that for you, because only you know how much you want to succeed.  What I CAN tell you is that we have everything set up for you to achieve unlimited success in the Empower Network, but you will need to be prepared to take daily consistent action, be coachable and willing to learn.

So Here’s what you get if you join Nicky Price’s Empower Network team:

1)  Membership to a private Facebook group full of people who are achieving exactly what YOU want to (do you know how much it increases your chances of success by simply surrounding yourself with people who are focused and taking action?)

2)  Access to our private “Prosperity” team training site to help even complete newbies get started straight away.

3)  Weekly team training webinars where we answer all your questions and help you with anything at all that you might not understand.  We also do  Google Hangouts and business opportunity meetings to invite your prospects to.

4)  Brand new marketing funnel released February 2015 to help you market the Empower Network.

5)  Mindset training.  The more success I achieve online, the more I realise that it is down to correcting how we look at our business, how we plan our day and how we deal with the distractions and overwhelming amount of information.  Trust me this is a VERY important aspect of building a successful business and we’ve got you covered with this in our team!

6)  Daily LIVE Mastermind webinar where you can get a daily assignment plus a “fast start” live coaching session with me to get you your first sign up into the business, plus emails to help you know exactly what to do in your first days.

7)  Done for you automated follow up emails to help you maximise the chance of closing more sales.

So there you have it – I’ve never been more committed or more passionate as I am right now to helping YOU to achieve what I have in such a short space of time.  All you have to do is to come and join this team of inspired entrepreneurs who are going to help YOU every step of the way.

But there’s more.

Integrity without hype, has always been one of the most important things in my business and although I reached the top 0.25% of the all time income earners here, I wanted to help MORE people.  So when you enter your email address to take a look at the Empower Network,  I can promise you that over the next few emails I will send to you, I will show you exactly how I have built a 5-figure monthly income in two separate businesses and I will also add you to a FREE Facebook coaching group where I will help you get started  – So even if Empower Network is not for you – You will still get free training from me on how to build a successful business online.  Sound fair?

Enter your email address here to take a peak at the Empower Network and then stay subscribed to see the two free gifts I’m going to send you too!

I’ll even send you my brand new (for 2015) 28 page PDF report on my exact blueprint to 5-figure months in just a couple of hours a day worth $97!! – Just click the picture below.

capture page

Getting to the Top 125 Affiliates in 3 months!

Well this was great for me……because it meant that I got to go to Austin in Texas at the Empower Network event and sit right at the front in the VIP seats.  I then did it again for the next event – also qualifying as a VIP top affiliate, but this time was so much better because 2 of my team members were ALSO in the top affiliates proving to me that what we are doing in our training WORKS!  One of them was even in the top 200 with me too!

But in the last competition I had at least 13 of my team members on the leader boards this time – which is very humbling!

And I just came away from the last events with the realization that there are so many other Companies out there right now, heck there are others out there right NOW trying to copy the  affiliate model that Dave and Dave created,  but you know what?   They will always be missing the key components that have made The Empower Network something truly special …… and that is the passion and leadership .  These guys are pioneers and I’m so proud to be associated with them.  The Empower Network builds “people” as well as incomes.

“People join for the money, but they stay for the Community that IS the Empower Network.”

With Dave and DAve


2015 Exciting Update!  -  Empower Network Releases Kalatu

Back by popular demand Empower Network has reverted back to the WordPress based blog but with some substantial enhancements to the original version.

All your social media can now be in one place, you can customize it to your heart’s content, or you can literally just plug in and go within just a matter of minutes all for just $25 a month!

This has truly brought Empower back to the people who want to provide content and to build their brand. You can take a look at the latest Kalatu product here and register for the 21 day blogging challenge.

Kalatu logo

I hope this Empower Network review helped you understand more about this amazing opportunity that I so nearly missed out on completely – Click Here to find out more about working with me directly.

Here’s some of the real action takers in my team who came over to Charlotte in June 2014

team pic

“Some of my awesome Team Members – Charlotte, June 2014″










dave wood

“Charlotte, USA – Impact Event, June 2014″









And of course being able to say “Thanks” to my mentor Dave Wood, the founder of Empower Network is always great!


P.S – Not that I needed any more convincing, but in April 2013 The Empower Network was voted the best Direct Sales company of 2013!

Voted Best Direct Sales

Over the last 18 Months I have generated Thousands of Leads online and become one of the top Income Earners in my Primary Business. If you are sick of tiny pay checks and would like to join a team where I take YOUR success personally and where we have EVERYTHING set up for you to succeed then Click Here to find out more.

Skype: NickyVitality
YouTube: MLMDiamond
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  1. Nicky says:

    Hey Renee
    Well I’m not sure why that was, but I’m sure there’s a reason for it.
    I’m also not sure why you would be told there’s no selling involved. Any business is transacted with a purchase and a sale…..

    I will send you an email and answer a couple of questions for you okay?
    I’m not in the habit of taking other people’s prospects, however if you haven’t already joined then you are free to join whoever you choose but lets just have a chat and I can fill in the gaps for you.

    Kind regards

  2. we have been a member for 5-6 mths we cant seem to make it work Scott Small is over us but we cant make things work out we are very upset the info doesnt make sense to us but need money badly my wife & i throw news papers for a living after i was layed off 15 years ago we just built up the news paper business but our bodies have went the distance spans across 45 miles of porch deliveries we are older now im 46 wife 40 we are completly wore out we needed Empower to help us out do you know how to make it work for us ……? thanks Lonnie Fiscus

  3. Nicky says:

    Hey Ionnie
    Well without knowing what you have done so far or what your daily activities to build your business are or your goals are, it is hard to try and guide you.

    Ultimately everyone is different. Empower Network is a series of training products that teach people how to blog and how to market their business online. What works in marketing for one person who has lots of time and no money will be different to what works for someone with no time and a budget for some paid advertising. Some people like social media marketing, some people like blogging, some people like video marketing, some like Pay per click advertising – it’s just a case of finding a marketing strategy that works for you and then doing it like crazy until you become an expert at it.

    But more importantly than anything Ionnie is mindset. If you truly want to make a success of your business, trust me you WILL find a way.

    My suggestion would be to go back to your sponsor or the first person in your upline who is achieving what you want and ask to see if they will help you with a daily plan of action based on your circumstances.

    I wish you lots of success,

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