Ambit Energy Reviews| Here’s What the Reps Won’t Tell You!

Ambit Energy ReviewsIf you have been looking for Ambit Energy Reviews then you’re in the right place for an independent one.

With all of the talk about deregulation of energy, it is no surprise that Ambit Energy has sparked the interest of thousands of people, but is it all it’s cracked up to be, or is this just another scam?  This review will give you information regarding Ambit Energy, what they provide, and how you can earn an income with the company if you are thinking about joining to build a business.  But it will also explain to you the one thing that the Ambit Engergy reps will definitely NOT be telling you, so make sure you read right to the end for some really useful advice that I wished someone had told me when I first got started in Network Marketing!

 Ambit Energy Reviews | About Ambit Energy

Many Ambit Energy Reviews just gloss over the true foundation of a company; however, this review is a bit different.  So the first thing to answer as many people are asking about the “Ambit Energy Scam”.

Ambit Energy was founded in 2006 in the state of Texas, and they are listed as a reputable company with the Direct Selling Association, and they are registered with the BBB.

The best part?

Ambit Energy is still considered a top provider of energy in the state of Texas. Their customer base reaches to more than a half million and counting . Impressive? You bet.

The founders of the company both have a strong background in business, and that experience has been in network marketing which makes them even stronger. These gentlemen have set the foundation for the company so that their consultants can feel good about what they are doing.

Ambit Energy Reviews | the Product and Service of Ambit Energy

Another important facet of reading Ambit Energy Reviews is to find out more about the product or service being offered.

Ambit Energy gladly provides energy to small businesses as well as for residential purposes too. This means that Ambit Energy has a product that almost anyone can use, right?

Although the deregulation of energy has been a hot topic since 2006, many energy companies have started to pop up in network marketing. Deregulation of energy has affected many states; however, it is not in all states.

At this time Ambit Energy markets in Texas, its home base, as well as Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Illinois and even Pennsylvania.

Although there are other network marketing companies involved in the industry of energy, it is still less competitive than the area of health and nutrition, which could mean you can get busy and profitable more quickly!

Ambit Energy Reviews | the Opportunity and Compensation Plan

Other Ambit Energy Reviews don’t cover the business opportunity and compensation plan, so lets take a look at them here.

While some feel that the $429 price of joining is high, the truth is, the deregulation of energy is a good industry to be in, but only you can decide what you can spend to sign up and if you feel you can market the business.  And therein lies the key….. the “Marketing” of your business.

You can start earning income when you get others to enroll who begin making sales within their first month, and the level of pay will depend on what level your associates are working at when those sales are made. The interesting catch all to this compensation plan is a real benefit to the associate, because there are ways to qualify for free energy service too!

Other Ambit Energy Reviews may not make it clear that you need to market yourself online quickly to market to the masses, but keep in mind you can only provide energy to those in specific states at this time.

Ambit Energy Reviews | What the Reps Definitely Won’t Tell You!

Okay so what’s the big secret?  Well many Ambit Energy reps are struggling and for as many Ambit reps who are genuinely earning an income with their business there are at least 5 times as many either making no money, or worse, losing money!

The reason for this is that prospects are drawn into the Network Marketing business model thinking that everyone will see what they see in the product or business plan, when actually very few people have the real inclination to own their own business.  Literally 95% of the people who you show your business to will say No (FACT!) and many Ambit reps are disheartened by this.  Add this to the fact that you are limited to the USA and to specific states and you can see that this could be a problem when there are other reputable Network Marketing companies that truly are a global opportunity.

The key point I want to make here in this Ambit Review, is that you will receive training on how to approach people you know about the business.  But many distributors feel uncomfortable with this, so who do you talk to about your business when you run out of people?

Putting it directly (and this is what the Reps definitely won’t tell you – probably because some of them don’t even know yet!) is that unless you are talking to at least 10 people a day about your Ambit Energy business, then you are never going to have enough sign ups in your business to deal with the huge amount of people who drop out after a couple of months.

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The average Network Marketer (and not just in Ambit Energy) lasts just 3 months!

Ambit Energy Reviews| Your Action Plan for Success

So here’s my top Ambit Energy Reviews Advice to building a successful business.

1) The first thing to decide is whether you are sold on the product or the business opportunity.  The truth is that if you are sold on the product, then you will probably be comfortable talking to a few local people about it and be able to reduce your own bills.  You may even make a little “pocket money”.  But if you are sold on building a large business where you can leverage the power of a team to earn a large income, then my advice to you is that this will be quite hard with the limitations of the area for growth, especially if you have no prior knowledge of this industry.

2)  Whatever business you are building – take some time to learn some simple marketing strategies so that you can market your business online.   This will give you an endless supply of leads to talk to about your business and will save you from embarrassing calls with family and friends and them trying to avoid you!!  (Trust me I know!!)

3)  Make sure you join a “Sponsor” who is  also using online marketing techniques to promote their business so that they can help you.    Seriously!   This is the 21st century and anyone who is just going to teach you Offline marketing techniques is missing a BIG part of the marketing funnel and leaving you open to failure.  Get with someone who can show you how to promote your business properly, it will dramatically improve your chances of success!   Make sure they are already achieving what you want to achieve.  I went from earning a measly $200 a month to having my first $5,000 WEEK once I had mastered this.

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4)  Now this one is contentious and probably NOT what you want to hear if you’re seriously considering Network Marketing as a choice of home business…….. but that’s what this review is for.  To give you the FACTS.

So here goes…..

Network Marketing does create more millionaires than any other industry – it’s true – that’s a fact.   BUT, and it’s a BIG but……. it is also true that the way the commission structure works in most MLMs you would have to have hundreds, if not thousands of people in your downline to achieve a full time income.

The reason for this is that most MLMs pay about 5-10% on your team’s sales activity.  Think about that for a minute if you are serious about wanting to leverage the power of a team for residual income (which is the obvious goal if you are in Network Marketing).  For every $100 of product sold, you are going to earn a measly $5.

THIS is why there is such a HUGE failure rate (97%) in the industry and why so many people drop out when you have just spent ages trying to recruit them.

Add on to that the fact that if you do end up being good at it – you may end up working more hours than you ever did in your day job, because everyone will want you to help them recruit, do home parties, presentations, webinars etc.

Hmmmmm – Listen, I don’t want to put you off, because I worked with a wonderful Network Marketing company for 5 years and DID manage to build a reasonable sized team with a “pocket money” type income (less than $500)………BUT I joined for the whole lifestyle change and wanted a lot more than just $500 a month!

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I have been in the Network Marketing and Direct Sales industry for the last 9 years.  If you  have any questions about choosing a Network Marketing business that’s right for you, then feel free to drop me an email or you can read my free report about what to look out for in the industry here.

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I hope you found this Ambit Energy reviews and advice helpful – please click the share buttons and leave your thoughts below if you did,  Thank you!

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