PowerLifePro Review | Enagic Kangen Review What Others Won’t Tell You!

PowerLifePro Review Enagic ReviewIf you’re looking for a PowerLifePro Review or an Enagic Kangen Review then you’ve come to the right place.

In this Enagic Review | PowerLifePro Review I will be sharing what others definitely won’t be telling you about this Company, so please read on…..

Okay so first let me go into a little bit of background about this Company and why all of a sudden it seems to be hitting the online marketers “sweet spot” despite being going for over 40 years!

Enagic Kangen Review – History of Enagic

Enagic was first set up as a small division within the Sony group of Companies in Okinawa, Japan back in 1974 (and it wasn’t called Enagic back then).  By May 1997, the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare authorizes the Enagic Osaka factory as a medical equipment manufacturer. In March 1988, Kangen Water is trademarked as the water made by Enagic by creating the technology to ionize and filter water.

In January 2003 Enagic USA Inc, was born with their new International Head Quarters that were later moved to Torrance California.

Since then the Company has become global with sales offices appearing all over the world – you can check out their website for full details of all their offices and locations.
USA and Global Office
European Offices
With a turnover of over $100m a year, Enagic is a stable and debt free Company that is accredited with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) A+ rating and the DSA (Direct Sales Authority – denoting high standards of ethics).

What is Ionized or Kangen Water?

Kangen water (now trademarked) is water that has been created through the ionization process creating either an acid or an alkaline water that can be used for different purposes.  With the creation of Kangen water filtration machines, these waters can be used for various purposes including drinking, cooking, beauty and cleaning.

So why do we need to bother with Enagic Water when there is tap water and bottled water?

enagic kangen reviewTap water is a healthier option than soft drinks. But according to the Environmental Working Group, there have been 315 pollutants found in America’s tap water since 2004, and over half of these pollutants are completely unregulated and can legally exist in any amount.

At the current levels of contamination, the public is starting to question the quality of tap water and wonders if it is safe enough to drink. Based on these facts, it’s no wonder that the demand for Kangen Water® is constantly increasing.

(Reference Source – EWG)

Bottled water

Bottled water is not necessarily healthier than tap water and yet it costs much more! Although associated with healthy water, bottled water is not guaranteed to be any healthier than tap water. Often the only difference is the added minerals which have no proven health benefits.

A four-year study by the Natural Resources Defense Council shows that 1/3 of the bottled water tested contains levels of contamination which exceed allowable limits. Bottled water can also be slightly acidic, which may affect your body’s pH balance. Finally, the environmental impact caused by the production and disposal of plastic bottles is harmful to our ecosystem.

(Reference Source – NRDC | Contaminants Found in Bottled Water)

Reverse osmosis water

Reverse Osmosis is a filtering process which may be effective in areas that do not receive municipally treated water and is commonly used in bottled water facilities. The problem with this process is that dangerous chemicals like pesticides, herbicides, and chlorine are molecularly smaller than water and can pass freely through the filter. Reverse osmosis removes healthy, naturally occurring water minerals. These minerals not only provide good taste, they also serve a vital function in the body’s system. When stripped of these minerals, water can be unhealthy. Also, 2-3 gallons of water are wasted for every gallon of purified water produced.

Enagic Kangen Water

Enagic KangenWater ionizers are believed to produce water that deliver health benefits. This comes from the fact that they produce water that’s more alkaline than regular tap water.  These benefits include:

  • increased energy
  • detox
  • fewer symptoms from illness
  • increased nutrition from your food and medicine
  • delivering antioxidants
  • anti-aging

With Enagic’s flagship prouduct the  Leveluk K8 literally cleans itself, has an automatic filter sensor, auto-off, and a large color LCD touch screen panel.  The electrodes are made of platinum coated titanium (which is of course, the best kind) and it also makes five types of water:

kangen review

  1. Strong Kangen Water (pH 11.0)
  2. Kangen Water (pH 8.5 – 9.5)
  3. Clean Water (pH 7.0)
  4. Acidic (Beauty) water (pH 6.0)
  5. Strong Acidic water (pH 2.5)



On all the Kangen water filters there is a 30 day satisfaction guarantee period and a 5 year manufacturers warranty.

A more recent addition to the Enagic Kangen Water products, Enagic also produces turmeric tea and turmeric supplements called UKON.  This is said to be some of the best in the world as the farm never uses chemical fertilizers and uses pure Kangen water in the growing and processing.

Enagic Ukon





Enagic Kangen Review – The Business Opportunity

In Japanese, Kangen means “to return to the origin” which is the foundation of the MLM type compensation plan – return the commissions to the people doing the work.  The concept of having design, testing, manufacturing and distribution all taking place under one roof results in a tightly controlled environment that ensures quality.  Enagic calls this “synergy”
In terms of the Corporate philosophy, they have based their vision on three clear principles:

1. Realizing true physical health

2. Realizing true financial health

3. Realizing true mental and metaphysical health

So how does it work?

The first thing to note is that this is a Direct Sales company (as opposed to traditional MLM that has autoships and minimum sales).  Once you have qualified at a level – it is yours.  There is no affiliate start up fee and no monthly commitment to stay qualified.  And of course…..you don’t have to have a garage full of stock.  The Company ships out all orders to the customer.

To become an affiliate and Distributor of the Enagic products, you simply have to purchase one of the water filters.

As the Company cuts out all the marketing costs associated with a traditional Company and relies on the distributors as the sales force, it allows approximately 55% of the cost of the product to be paid back to the distributors in the form of commissions and bonuses.  The 55% value of the commission on any of the products is broken down into 8 equal parts and paid on 8 levels down.

Enagic review compensation plan

In this example we have used the premier product – the K8 and you will see that depending on where you have qualified, it is possible to earn up to 6 points of the 8 points of commission available.

Depending on the amount of sales / people in your team, your rank and your commission level increases.   So as you can see in this example – for your first sale you would earn $340.  If you had a total team of 10 (NOT all personally sponsored!) then you would earn $1020 per sale.

You can see how this very quickly adds up to some very nice commissions indeed!  And what’s more…..they are paid DAILY either direct into your bank account or by traditional checks mailed to your door.

There are plenty of additional bonuses along the way too……extra $50 thrown in here and there for your first sale inside a 3 month period and  a whole heap more when you get to the 6A level of a total team size of 100 people.

But it’s when you have qualified at the 6A level that it all becomes very exciting and building 2 of these lanes will move you into a position where it is possible to generate a guaranteed income of $5,000 per month for life.   VERY compelling!

What Others Definitely WON’T Be Telling You!!

Okay – so this all sounds pretty good doesn’t it?  A great product that is SO in demand right now, of the very highest quality and has awards for all sorts of things including the prestigious Water Quality Award.

So why am I about to warn you of something and potentially put you off…….

Well it’s only fair that you know the full Enagic review….”warts and all…!!”  So let me list all the “red flags” for you here that crossed my mind.  I’ve been in the Network Marketing and Online Marketing “industry” now for 10 years and have learned a lot along the way.

1)  So the first red flag for me when I looked at this, was the fact that there is no monthly fees to pay to remain as an “active” distributor.  Great, you might think…….but if there is no monthly commitment…..then there is no automatic monthly commissions….right?  So in order to achieve commissions, then you have to keep making sales.  Not quite like your traditional MLM which pays out for as long as your members pay their monthly autoship or membership.

2)  The second red flag was that this is a “high ticket” product and therefore the people who would most like to market this – i.e people who love the thought of having their own business and maybe already have a Network Marketing business (and are probably not making much money…!) may not be able to afford this.  You cannot become a distributor without being a customer of the product.

3)  The third red flag for me was the fact the Company is extremely old fashioned in it’s marketing and provide very little in the way of modern marketing websites, capture pages and marketing funnels – instead relying on traditional door to door type marketing with flyers and brochures.   Hmmmm – yuk !!  LOL
As an online marketer, this was not attractive to me at all.

So initially to me – this would seem like a great Company with a great product, but unless you were good at direct selling to friends, family and anyone that crossed your path….and the fact that you have to keep making new sales each month to earn commissions, then I could see that without some modern marketing, this was going to be tricky.

But wait……!

PowerLifePRO Review – The Marketing System!


So this is where it gets good again!

Founded by Adam Whiting and Mack Mills and a few others who put together a 7-figure earning “dream team” who specialise in marketing funnel creation, sales conversions and marketing strategy specialists – they created the PowerLifePro team and the PowerLifePro Marketing system.

By simply bringing Enagic “online” with the very latest high converting sales pages, videos, testimonials and marketing training with a full “getting started” guide for the new distributor – this suddenly became a very real and viable business opportunity for 2016 and beyond.

They were also able to create some “zero down” financing options in the USA and the Company itself does a 20% deposit option and a finance agreement, making this high quality product very affordable.

Already a hugely successful Company with a turnover in excess of $100m per year and pays out over 70% of that to it’s distributers – this is about to get HUGE because of the marketing we now have in place – and right NOW is the time to get involved and be right at the beginning of something that has the potential to pay you a very real guaranteed income for life.

Why not check out the information video and see what I’m talking about – Click the picture below or simply … Click HERE

enagic review

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    Its been know from 1980’s that alkaline water does help improving health. more and more research are coming out supporting the idea

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