Network Marketing Lead Generation – Day 2

email marketingNetwork Marketing lead generation online makes sense because you can reach so many more people than you can “offline” but ONLY if you do it right.

Sadly most people will never take the time to learn some online marketing strategies for their Network Marketing business because it takes a little effort to learn.

But let’s assume you’re NOT one of those people and that you really do want to learn how to do this, you’re just a little overwhelmed and confused about what you need to do.

Which is exactly why I put the 5-Step Recruiting Formula together for you that explains exactly what to do.

If you missed Day One then you can see it here – Click Here ==>

So as a quick recap – the 5-Step Online Recruiting Formula is:

1)  Create Value (a “Lead Magnet”)

2) Put Value in front of target prospect

3)  Exchange Value for email address

4)  Email More value

5)  Show your business / product to make sale

In step one we talked about why you would want to build your business online and also how to create some valuable ‘content’ for your prospect so that they would be attracted to working with you.  This method is called “Attraction Marketing” and is based on a deep psychological response when somebody helps us without asking for anything in return. And it works!

So today I’m going to talk about why you would want to be collecting emails.

Let me give you a little scenario here!

Imagine for a moment that you’re single and you were looking for a partner and you were to walk into a bar where you saw someone who looked like they would be the perfect partner for you – you probably wouldn’t go up to them and ask them in all seriousness to marry you (unless you were a bit of a joker!) because no-one in their right mind would actually accept would they?  So instead, you would probably first get eye contact, maybe start chatting and then if it went well you would go for a date together right?

So I use this analogy because if you are sharing your business opportunity with someone the first time you “meet” them either in the flesh or on social media – then the chances are – they will say NO to your business.  They may even be offended because you have sent them a link without first having a “conversation” with them and finding out if there was a need or a desire to have a business in the first place.  (And I see people doing this ALL the time on social media and I even have people frequently sending me random links to my inbox!).

So let me throw something out here which may be a bit of a surprise for you – because if you’re here, then there’s a very good chance that you have invested into a business opportunity and have the business opportunity and the products to sell in order to get paid.

So here it is:

Your product and your business opportunity is NOT your business…

YOU and your email list is your business if you want to build a business online!

It’s very important to understand this…

The business opportunity you invested in is just ONE of your income streams and I can almost guarantee you that if you asked any of the leaders in your business who were using the internet to build their business that they would not just have one income stream.

So when you are building your business online, you already know that you want to have a steady stream of new prospects to speak to about your business – so you need to be building an email list of subscribers and then you will start to build a relationship with the people on your list.

This will allow you to build your business and your brand around YOU, so that if ever anything happened to your Network Marketing company then you have a list of prospects that you can email to explain what you are doing now.

And have you ever heard people talking about “push button” income? Well I can tell you that the ONLY way that I’ve personally ever made income like that is when I’ve sent an email to my list and recommended a product or service.

It’s also how i was able to have a 5-Figure month my SECOND month in to my brand new business – because I emailed my list !!

People buy from people they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST.


Take a look at your business – are you generating leads and capturing emails?

It is also well known in the “marketing” industry that potential customers will need exposure to your products and services between 4 – 12 times before necessarily wanting to buy or join you.

Which means that unless you are keeping in touch with people regularly they will forget who you are and why they clicked on your link in the first place.

And on the internet…..the place to keep in touch is either on social media or even better, via email.  Surprisingly email is STILL the best way to keep in touch with your prospects.

So if you’re not building a subscriber list of people who are in your target market, then you have no-one to show your value to and you have no-one to continue to “market” your products and services to.

So how do you build an email subscriber list?

Well you will need some capture page software like Lead Pages or ClickFunnels which is where your prospect fills out there email address, and you will also need an autoresponder service like Aweber.

An auto responder allows you to send out broadcast messages or a pre-written sequence of emails that sends messages out automatically at set intervals which allows YOU to get on with your life, knowing that your prospect is still being shown what you have to offer.  Take the time to set it up once and it can pay you for a long time!

I would consider both of these to be ESSENTIAL tools of a Network Marketer.

It’s a simple 3 step formula.

1)  Build a list (collect emails)
2)  Build the relationship and trust with those subscribers
3)  Give value (80% of the time) and market your products or business to that list of subscribers (20% of the time).

Building a list is simply exchanging something of value that your prospect wants and will perceive to be valuable enough to give you their email for – like the “lead magnet’ we were talking about yesterday.

And of course if you remember I said yesterday that if you struggle to create a “Lead Magnet” then I can strongly suggest you watch my free  “5-Step Recruiting formula” training in action where I walk you through the whole process (and a simple way to get it all done for you!) and you can do that by clicking the link to the live workshop I recorded recently.

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