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Network Marketing Lead Generation Network Marketing Lead Generation and more importantly how to DO Network Marketing Lead Generation Online is one of the most frequently asked questions I get.

So in today’s blog post I thought I would share the simple 5-step strategy that works like gangbusters to not only get you leads for your Network Marketing business, but also allows you to build a loyal following of people who really WANT to work with you and actually approach YOU to ask you for your link.

Now would that be a little bit different to what you’re used to?

I’m guessing it probably is and so if that’s something that you’d like to have in your business, then this training is for you and this is part one – but if you can’t wait for the other parts – then just click the link at the end of this post to see the FREE training workshop I’ve put together for you.

So firstly this works best when you are working with a Network Marketing company where you get paid as a Distributor both on your own product sales and also by recruiting people into your team where you will also get paid a percentage on their sales too.

This also works best if your Company does at least have some sort of sales video that you can refer people to as the Network Marketing Lead Generation strategy I am covering is to enable you to build your business online utilising the power of the internet working for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Okay so firstly let’s look at why you may be here and why your prospecting and recruiting may not be going quite the way you wanted it to.

Network Marketing Strategies – Why so many people leave Network Marketing

Well that one is pretty simple – people leave because they’re not getting the results they’d hoped for in about 90 days or less and the reason they’re not getting the results could be down to many things but one of them is definitely the Network Marketing strategies they are being taught to do to build their business.

You know like…..talking to all your friends and family, prospecting everyone within 3 feet of you, posting fliers through doors and handing out cards in the street or advertising in the local press.

Now I’m not saying those strategies don’t work – because I’ve seen people build HUGE downlines by doing that…..but it’s VERY time consuming and most people are just trying to build their business in small pockets of time each day around their Job.   But in this internet age, doesn’t it make sense to be using the power of the internet to reach MORE people? – it certainly did to me, but the problem is HOW.

Look around you the next time you’re on a bus or a train and see how many people sit down and then immediately take out their mobile device and start scrolling their social media newsfeeds, their email, YouTube etc etc.  If you are not getting YOUR business in front of these people then you are definitely missing a trick.


What is the 5-Step Formula and how can you use it to build your business online?

Network Marketing Lead Generation – the 5-Step Formula

Okay so here it is (and I will explain in a moment):

1)  Create Value (a “Lead Magnet”)

2) Put Value in front of target prospect

3)  Exchange Value for email address

4)  Email More value

5)  Show your business / product to make sale

Or if you’re a person who prefers to see a graphic – then here you go!

network marketing lead generation





Now the reason that this works SO well – is because it is based on a deep psychological response within us that comes naturally  and I explain this a little more in my FREE training workshop which you can access by clicking the link at the bottom of this post, but in simple terms – if someone helps you without asking anything in return… are grateful and you will start to build trust with them.  When you build trust with someone, they are much more likely to check out what you DO and will stay close to you as you continue to give value to them.

Then when you share a business opportunity or a product or service that you recommend they will almost certainly take a look if you have helped them in the past.

Compare that to just posting a link to your product or service or business opportunity and saying to people on the social networks – “Just check this out and join my business you can make a gazillion dollars ….”  Do you see what I mean?  There is no VALUE there in just posting a link to your business opportunity when 80% of other Network Marketers are doing the exact same thing.

Why should people join YOU above everyone else?

So let me explain the first step of this 5-Step Recruiting Formula in today’s post which is all about creating value and solving a problem which you may think is hard if you are new to Network Marketing and you are only just learning all this yourself.

Network Marketing Lead Generation – Creating Value

So the first thing to do is to decide WHO your target prospect is for your business (and if you say everyone….then you are missing the point).  Many people can do Network Marketing it’s true….but if you are “marketing” to everyone, then essentially you are marketing to no-one because no-one really feels like you are resonating with them.

So let’s say your target prospect is another Network Marketer – because they understand the frustrations of building a business offline but you have learned the 5-step formula and now you want to help other network marketers.

So focus on what their BIGGEST problems might be.  (Hint:  If they are Network Marketers like you then what is YOUR biggest problem?).  It is highly likely that their two biggest problems in their business are not enough leads to talk to and not enough cash flow in their business – would you agree?

So what we want to do is to prepare a piece of content, such as a blog post (if you have a blog) or a quick ‘Facebook Live’ video or a YouTube video or a PDF word document or something that you can give away in exchange for their email address.

And you focus on solving one of their biggest problems.   So if you have discovered a simple lead generation strategy that can give you 5 leads a day – then SHARE it!

And if you haven’t yet discovered a strategy for doing that – then I’ve just given you a tip right there.  Let me spell it out for you because this works.

Create a blog post or a piece of content on how to generate 5 leads a day on Twitter or Facebook.  Focus your content on the way to do this being that they need to share value with their target market.  You could even share the 5-step Formula in a mini series like I’m doing here.  (Take note of what other successful marketers are doing – NEVER copy their articles or videos but MODEL them to create your own).

Then SHARE that content on Twitter and/or Facebook using a syndication service like HootSuite where you can then have your blog post posted to Twitter every 3 days or so.  As you build up your blog posts like this, you will find a steady flow of leads start to come in.

If you are using Facebook then what sort of groups will your target prospect be “hanging out” in?  If they are into health and wellness, then go and connect with people in these groups and post your content in front of them.

If your target prospect is professional people then maybe “LinkedIn” is the right social network for you – just make sure your message is going out in front of the right people.

Now one final message for today about giving value.   If you are thinking well I don’t really know what value to share – then let me be frank about something here…..!

If you were a heart surgeon and expected a pay check of $200k per year then you would expect to study for years to be the best at what you do right?  Yet people come into Network Marketing and expect to earn huge incomes without learning any new skills.  So the people who earn the big money in Network Marketing are the ones who are permanently investing in their Network Marketing and personal development education.

One of the best ways to do this is through a Marketing and Training membership so that you are learning new skills to share value with your team.  One of the best ones I have ever seen is MyLeadSystemPro (MLSP) which you can take a look at here ==>

So if you haven’t yet learned a Marketing strategy to help you get leads – then why not check out one of these two FREE trainings which are available for you to give away to your prospects too if you are a member of MyLeadSystemPro.

How to Create Your First e-book Lead Magnet

How to Generate 5 Leads Per Day from Instagram

Oh and by the way…..Did you see what I did there?  I’ve been able to GIVE you a FREE training today not only in this blog post…..but ALSO in those two trainings – both of which are “Done for YOU’ Lead Magnets.  Imagine if you could just give these sort of trainings away too?  Well you can do just that if you are a Mastery Member of MLSP……and of course you also get commissions on people who you refer to it too so that they can give away value too.

The power of using “Tools” in your business builds cashflow – More on that later on in this series of the 5-Step Recruiting Formula.

So I hope you got value from this Network Marketing Lead Generation training – if you are still a little unsure about what a “Lead Magnet” is and how to create one then I strongly suggest you listen to my training workshop that was done live a couple of days ago – Just click the picture below and for a limited time you can listen to the replay.

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