MLM Online or Offline Marketing Which is Best For the Newbie?

MLM onlineMLM Online or Offline – Which is Best?

A common topic up for debate within any Network Marketing or MLM opportunity these days is whether finding prospects through MLM online or offline marketing strategies is the best and most duplicatable for newbies.

Over the last 10 years I have learned how to do both and up until now, I thought I  knew the answer that suited me and my team, but you can make up your own mind.

Take a look at the pros and cons of both methods of marketing and see which you prefer.



Generating Leads

  • Offline – You are going to build your list manually through making lists of friends and family, talking to strangers in malls, putting adverts in newspapers and shop windows.  This works really well if you are a ‘people’ person who loves to talk to people all day or who has learned to prospect professionally through asking questions to pre-frame and qualify the prospect to see if they are actually looking for what you might have to offer.  Most people do not take the time to learn these skills and so will struggle to do this properly.  You may also be limited to your local area if your Company does not facilitate online marketing.
  • Online – If you have the perfect online marketing funnel that your Company provides, then all you have to do is to drive targeted “traffic” or people to the funnel and you can market to people on the other side of the world..  If you have to create this marketing funnel yourself, then there are many technical issues to take into account and a huge learning curve.  People who are reluctant to learn new skills or do not have the time to tweak and test may struggle with the overwhelming amount of information to learn.

Building the Relationship – Changing Suspects to Prospects

  • Offline – You have to physically call every one of your leads and keep calling them to stay in touch, but this builds extremely good rapport when done professionally.
  • Online – You’ll use an email auto-responder in which you’re going to teach them about things they want to know about – you’re answering questions that they’re interested in, building value and trust.    You are also going to call your leads, but by the time you call them, they know who you are and are interested in hearing what you have to say.  After all, they opted in for more information and they havn’t opted out.  They already know you are doing what they want to be able to do and that you can lead them.  Your system does the sifting and sorting for you so all you’re left with is a qualified prospect.  This takes time and effort to set up professionally.

Business Presentation

  • Offline – You have to physically show up to show your business and the compensation plan. Many times you will have people cancelling on you just an hour or so beforehand, or worse still just not turning up at all (or did that only happen to me??).  You can waste a huge amount of time driving around doing this, however if your prospect does show up and is interested, they may buy “you” and you may be able to sign them up there and then.
  • Online – How about a webinar or video doing the presentation, followed by a phone call.  You can do it from the comfort of your own home and more to the point, so can your prospect.


 Follow Up

  • Offline – This can sometimes be done on the phone, but most of the time it’s in person. Once again, leaving your home, spending precious time away from your business and your family, but again this does build the trust and rapport.
  • Online – We can use email, the phone, Skype and other online communications, but once they have proven to us they are interested and therefore qualified for our time, we can arrange to meet them.


Sign Up

  • Offline – Traditionally to sign someone up you’re going to have to meet them and get them to fill out a form.  You have to guide them through the process.
  • Online – Your sales/marketing funnel will sell almost everything for you if it is set up correctly.  Sign-ups are automatic and there is little effort involved.  You can wake up in the morning and have had sign ups into your business overnight.  (Which is a GREAT feeling by the way….!!)



  • Offline – You have to meet weekly in hotels, homes, etc. to do training with your team.
  • Online – You can automate your training through videos, webinars and teleconferences and people can watch them again at a time suitable for them.


Conclusion – MLM Offline

Pros: Offline business building in the network marketing industry is often more stable and you can create real long term relationships with people when you do this well.

Cons: Very time intensive and it is limited to how many hours you have on a daily and weekly basis.  Can be soul destroying talking to people who are just not really looking for a business opportunity and therefore will be no good in the long run for your business as they will fall at the first obstacle.  There is also a certain learning curve in learning the skills required to prospect people professionally.

Conclusion – MLM Online

Pros: You can reach many more people across the world in a much shorter period of time. Your prospects are qualified leads who are interested in you and your business.  This is a much faster approach to business building and you can have automated sales funnels, follow up emails and automatic sign up process.

Cons: Some new skills to learn (is this really a negative??).  Unless you keep providing value to your prospects or building the relationship personally, you are more likely to lose them.  Technical overwhelm and frustration is a BIG problem as newbies struggle to learn it all in a 30-90 day window when they are most receptive.  If they don’t get results, they will leave.


Summary: –

As you can see, there are pros and cons to both ways of building your network marketing business. There is no right way or wrong way, there is just quick and slow.  With that said, the training and support that you get to show you how to build your business plays a big part.

Ultimately people join an MLM opportunity to make money so it’s going to be whichever marketing strategy works the fastest for them to do so in the amount of time they have and with the budget they have to run their business.

With many Network Marketing companies the compensation plan is also a limiting factor.  With commissions as low as 5-10% on your team activity and you can see why it takes so long to build up a decent monthly income and why so many people leave before they ever really give it a chance.

Thankfully there is now a BRAND NEW solution!

Introducing a tool to help you market your business, a supportive community to help you build your business and answer your questions, and a compensation plan that pays 5 times as much as a traditional MLM……..and…..where you can promote your business either online or offline.

How does that sound?

So is MLM online or offline the best for newbies?

I say why not a bit of both.

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