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empower network products

 So what exactly are the Empower Network Products?

Well in today’s post I explain a little bit about the Empower Network products and what they do, and then in my next post I will explain exactly how you make money with them!

So stay tuned for my next post!


empower network products

Empower Network Products – $25 Viral Blogging Platform

For just $25 a month, you get access to the main Empower Network products which is a WordPress blog  one with full instructions on how to personalize it .  This is live, with hosting already sorted, and highly converting opt-in forms and capture pages already included and follow up messages if you want them too.

If you are blogging on this system and marketing your content anywhere (which why wouldn’t you be doing if you are blogging?  I mean the idea about blogging is to get your content seen by your target market, right?) then you will need to register as an affiliate and pay a $19 per month affiliate fee to promote it and get paid your 100% commissions.  This covers your shopping cart, payment processing and a team of 25 support staff all ready to help you out if you get stuck.

Empower Network Products – $100 Inner Circle Membership

Once you have sponsored your first person, you will start to understand the power of the 100% commission.  One sale…….and your own membership for the blog is covered.  One sale.

So then when you have your one sale, you will want to upgrade as soon as you can to the Inner Circle membership.  Now this is where you will find some of the most potent audio training on building a business, how to “close” 85% of a room full of prospects, how to know exactly what to say at the end of the video that will just engage your prospect to click the join now button and so many other amazing trainings from Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe.  Here’s some comments from some of my own team members about the Inner Circle trainings and their favourites……

inner circle audio comments
















and of course with 100% commissions – it’s just one sale to get your return on investment.  One sale…..!

Empower Network Products – The Costa Rica Formula $500

Now of course this is not a monthly cost – it is a one off training course that was put together from a $5,000 per person leadership mastermind held in Costa Rica and here the training starts to get really intense on how to build your business.  11 Lessons on training right from what doesn’t work and why right through to the unique selling points of the Empower Network, how to position yourself to build a team and a lot of success strategies that have all worked over and over again.

Empower Network Products – The $15k Formula – cost $1,000

Yes more training – once again it is a one off cost and is $1,000.

But when I saw this, it quite literally blew my mind.  You see David Wood and David Sharpe are affiliates in their own Empower Network business.  Which means….. they are doing exactly what we are to build their business and so if something stops working for them – they tell us.  When something new comes along – they get someone who is working it well, to create a training and then they add it to the $15k formula.

It’s quite simply the formula to generating $15k per month online.

This whole training is quite simply the best I have ever seen online – I’m serious!   And I’ve spent over $10,000 on my marketing education over the last 3 years and nothing I have ever seen comes close to this.

The two Daves treat you as if you are their family.

And there’s just one more.

One that takes everything way past the six figure income.

Empower Network Products – The Masters

Now this I am working very hard on.  Because once you have completely grasped the concepts of the $15k formula and have built your income to a six figure income a year – this one will blow you out of the water.

The training inside the Masters is NOT for beginners.  It is the blueprint to building a million dollar a year business from people who have done it and it is the most mind blowing stuff I have ever seen.

And yes….. it’s $3,500 with a $3,000 commission on it on each sale.

So there you have it – the full low down on what the Empower Network Products line-up is and you can get access to this incredible system for just an insane $25 (which is exactly what your prospects will be thinking too, when you show it to them by the way!).  If you have been sitting on the fence for a while wondering if it would work for you, then I would encourage to take a look at the team support I offer in my team.

Here’s what you get if you work with me in Team EN-Finity

1)  Membership to a private Facebook group packed full of people who are achieving exactly what YOU want to (do you know how much it increases your chances of success by simply surrounding yourself with people who are focused and taking action?  ) and who are there to help you every step of the way.

2)  Access to my private training vault to help even complete newbies get started straight away where my colleague Ruth and I and some of our team leaders in our group share exactly what strategies are working for us right NOW, plus step by step blogging training to ensure you get your blog on the front page of Google ( – which is exactly where you want it to be by the way)

3)  Access to my millionaire sponsor who in just 5 months is one of the top earners inside the Empower Network – he puts all of his tips and strategies on a private website just for me, you and the rest of our team only.

4)  Weekly team training webinars where we answer all your questions and help you with anything at all that you might not understand.

I’ve never been more committed as I am right now to helping YOU to achieve what I am in such a short space of time.  All you have to do is to come and join this team of inspired entrepreneurs who are going to help YOU every step of the way.

The Empower Network products are quite simply the best training products I have ever found and I know you will enjoy them too if you want to make real money online – click the picture below to see proof of what’s going on in my team.

en this works

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