Want an Income on the Internet in 2017?

Income on the internetIs an Income on the Internet for the average Person possible?

So as we move into the New Year and the brown envelopes are already starting to drop on the mat and the thought of working through towards your Summer holidays is now preying on your mind, it is often a time of reflection and a desire for things to be different than last year……

What started as a joyful welcome to the New Year can often quickly turn into a dull and dreary January with wintry weather and touch of dissatisfaction or even downright misery!

So how do we get rid of the January blues and the excessively long 31 days of January before the next pay day?

Often it starts with money. We all believe that our lives would be better if we just had more money. But of course the truth is…..money itself doesn’t create happiness – it’s just a commodity but it’s what the money can DO for us that is the real draw.

So if money was no issue – what would you be doing?

Would you have more TIME to appreciate every thing around you……more holidays……a new car or house, ……..less stress……the ability to stay at home with the children, the grand children…….to retire and still be able to LIVE?

Whatever you truly want….often an extra income of just a few thousand a month could totally transform your life.

So is it possible for the average person to earn that sort of extra income on the internet?

How to make money online” or “how to earn an income on the internet” or “how to start an online business” or “how to make money from home” are  some of the most searched for terms on the internet and returns about 159 million results just for the first one alone so it’s understandable if you’ve searched for this and got confused with what you would need to do!

how to make money online

So let’s make it a bit simpler for you.

Although there are literally hundreds of possible ways that could earn you an income on the internet, the best ones can probably be grouped into 4 categories.

So here are the 4 main ways to earn an Income on the Internet:

1)      Ebay / Amazon / Shopify (drop shipping) selling

2)      Affiliate Marketing

3)      Selling your own product or service

4)      Network Marketing / MLM / Direct Sales

Let’s look at these in a little more detail:

1) Income on the Internet using Ebay/Amazon/shopify drop shipping

This is where you advertise a product or service on large auction sites such as Amazon or Ebay or have your own “store front” site hosted on Shopify (or other ecommerce platforms).  In order to do this you would need to create a sales account at Amazon (or a store front with Shopify), then source some popular products (from sites like AliBaba.com or AliExpress.com and a drop shipper (supplier) who will ship them for you and then you simply register them for a profit on the auction sites or in your store front.

Now then, this may seem quite a simple way to generate an income on the internet at first (and it is IF you know what you’re doing), but bear in mind that there are many challenges here which can be costly and sometimes for a very low return.  Probably the easiest way for a new person to do this would be to use Amazon who give you the option to purchase their own effective advertising slots which takes the learning curve away. Of course Amazon will take up to 20% of your commissions on certain items, and you will need to pay for the advertising, so you have to factor this in when pricing and advertising – in other words, you need to do your due diligence and know your numbers! The most popular products may not be the most lucrative and often it is the niche products that you wouldn’t think of that will give the best returns.

Despite all this, it is actually a very effective way of earning an income on the internet but my advice here would be to invest in a course from someone who has done this successfully and will show you exactly what to do to get ahead of the competition – a simple Google search will help you with this, however at the time of writing this post there is a great course from a UK young internet millionaire who has made £2.4m from doing this. You can listen to his case study training webinar, click the picture or just Click here

what is affiliate marketing

2) Income on the Internet through Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is when you sell other people’s products or services.  It usually costs nothing to become an affiliate and get your affiliate code for a product or service from sites like Clickbank.com or JVZoo.com, and then all you have to do is promote it through adverts, blogposts, videos, social media etc so that prospects come to the sales page with your affiliate link embedded so that if there is a sale, then the commission will be allocated to you.

Earning an income through affiliate marketing is a GREAT way to earn an income on the internet, but there is a lot of competition for high affiliate commissions. Those that understand how to build their own high converting and unique websites and the power of building their own subscriber list with follow up emails will do way better than those who use the “done for you” templates and capture pages that quickly become saturated in the market.  But of course this in itself is a HUGE learning curve to understand how to do this.

Some products have lower affiliate commissions and some have large – those products that have the larger commissions, will obviously have the biggest competition especially if it is highly popular niche such as weight loss – so you will be competing against other much more experienced marketers.  With the costs of advertising soaring, it can sometimes be hard to make a real profit unless you know exactly what you are doing and targeting a niche market with highly effective advertising.

Once again….it’s actually a very good way of earning an income on the internet and the course I mentioned above also shows you exactly how to do this and how to stand out from the crowd by selecting products that are in high demand, are easily obtainable and easy to sell at a profit in a unique way.

You can check out a free training webinar here – Click Here

3) Income on the Internet through Selling your Own Product or Service

Now then, this is possibly the MOST profitable way of making an income on the internet, because you get to keep 100% of the profits as opposed to perhaps 20-50% of an affiliate product, but it is also probably the hardest for a new marketer to do.

Why?  Well, because as well as the creation of your own product, you will need to set up a marketing funnel, create your own websites, learn how to “brand” yourself online as a person of authority, learn sales copy, on-going sales follow ups and of course learn the art of traffic attraction and conversion.

Despite this – this is probably one of the most exciting ways to create an income on the internet because with your own knowledge you can not only create your initial signature product, but you could then create an advanced product which could then lead to some private coaching with you at a premium price and even monthly residual income from a membership site – and this can be a LOT simpler than it sounds.

If you have a skillset that maybe you’ve picked up in your career or even in your home life that you think there might be a “market” for – maybe you’re a brilliant gardener, a good cook, a great Mum with some awesome tips to share, a great salesperson at work, a tech wizard who loves to help older less technical people……..whatever skill you have – there is almost ALWAYS a market for it.

If this is something that you would secretly love to do and would love to generate monthly residual income from, but just wouldn’t know where to start then this is definitely something that we can help with – Click Here for more information and go to the second part of the page to find out how to get a free 30 minute call to explain exactly how you could go about doing this. At the end of the call you will know exactly what steps you would need to take, either on your own, or with our help if you choose – there is no “sales pitch” or any pressure to work with us.

work with nicky

4) Income on the Internet through Network Marketing/MLM/Direct Sales

Okay so Network Marketing is one of the most popular ways of earning an income on the internet, yet sadly most of these “party plan” type Companies don’t actually teach online marketing strategies.

Network Marketing is an often misunderstood way of creating an income with many people mistakenly thinking this is a “pyramid” scheme. In fact a reputable Network Marketing company is nothing of the sort and is in fact just a product “distribution” channel created by individual business owners being “recruited” to make their own sales. Each “rep” is then paid on their team members sales as well as their own.

Network marketing provides you with the opportunity to recruit as many people as you can build into your team, but each of them have their own motivation because they are building their own business too.

But here’s the bad news! Historically there is an extremely high failure rate within Network Marketing and direct sales because people couldn’t find enough prospects to “talk” to about their opportunity, nor did they know how to “sell it”.   With the onset of the internet, it has changed everything and with some simple but age old marketing strategies brought “online” it is possible to bring our customers and prospects to us.

If you would like to learn more about how to build a business with Network Marketing, then I can highly recommend this article which explains it very well.

What is MLM

Summary of How to Earn an Income on the Internet

So the key to success in any of these strategies to earn an income on the internet is to take the time to learn some new skills.  Accept that in order to earn an extra income, then you will need to personally develop and to learn some fundamentals of marketing so that you can compete against the people who have been doing this for some time.

The absolute fastest way of doing this is to invest in either a course (if you are fairly tech savvy) or some coaching and mentoring from someone who has trodden that path before you, rather than trying to figure it all out yourself.

Investing in coaching and mentoring is ALWAYS going to save you time AND money in the long run and sadly this is the bit that most people will never do.

If you found this article on how to earn an income on the internet useful – then please leave me a comment and share this with anyone who you think may benefit from it – Thanks!


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