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How to Start an Online Business | Income on the Internet

Macbook Air and flowersIf you’re looking for information on how to start an online business or earn an income from the Internet, then you’ve come to the right place!

As more and more people are put under pressure at their jobs, maybe lose their jobs, or are worried about their financial future, then many people are turning to the internet to see if they could learn how to start an online business and earn an additional income on the Internet.

But is this a wise decision?  And if so…..where do you start? (more…)

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Aspire Review | Digital Altitude Review

aspire review digital altitude reviewIf you’re looking for an Aspire Review or a Digital Altitude review, then you’ve come to the right place!

In this review, I share with you a full and comprehensive view of the products, the opportunity and after being actually inside the system I’ll share with you a good few things that other affiliates definitely WON’T be telling you!  (more…)

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PowerLifePro Review | Enagic Kangen Review What Others Won’t Tell You!

PowerLifePro Review Enagic ReviewIf you’re looking for a PowerLifePro Review or an Enagic Kangen Review then you’ve come to the right place.

In this Enagic Review | PowerLifePro Review I will be sharing what others definitely won’t be telling you about this Company, so please read on….. (more…)

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5Linx Review | Here’s What the Reps Definitely Won’t Tell You

5Linx Review

I am sure that you found this 5Linx Review because you were seeking information on  5Linx as a company, and the product that they offer.

You might have heard about their business opportunity as well and how you can earn an income with them. 5 Linx has been getting a lot of attention, especially from magazines regarding network marketing. I am going to share with you more about this company, the products, the business and compensation, but more importantly make sure you read right to the end as I will be sharing with you the one secret that the 5Linx reps definitely won’t be telling you!

5 Linx Review | Who is 5 Linx?

The 5 Linx Company was founded in 2000 as the digital age started to grow more and more. There are three founders, all with experience in business which makes for a winning combination when founding a company like this. Craig Jerabeck, Jason Guck, and Jeb Tyler, are the three gentlemen that make up this winning team.

Jason and Jeb together, have 30 years of experience just working in network marketing, and of late working in internet marketing which is also picking up speed. The vision was simple, and that was to help others earn a solid income through their company, consistently and forever.

5Linx Review | the Products

The second purpose of this 5 Linx Review, is to tell you what makes 5 Linx so strong. It’s simple really. The digital age brings promise, and with that in mind 5 Linx took it to a whole new level by making their company a one stop shopping experience. This would include anything regarding telecommunications products and/or services-period.

The full product includes the latest and most technologically advanced mobile phones, home phones, long distance service, tech support, VoIP conferencing service, and even a merchant service for business as well. The question then becomes, is there anything that 5 Linx cannot do?

The product line with 5 Linx goes way beyond the phones, with 5 Linx also providing Home Security, Digital TV, and of course internet. This list does indeed position them for one stop shopping, don’t you think?

5 Linx Review | the Business Opportunity and Compensation

In this 5 Linx Review, I want to share more about the business opportunity and compensation, which are ultimately the most important facts when it comes to choosing your business in the long term.

The first thing that you should respect about 5 Linx is that they do offer a viable product, meaning that they offer products that everyone can use. The idea that someone can use these products every day is even better, and the fact that the world runs digitally means that it would be hard pressed to find even a business that wouldn’t be able to benefit from 5 Linx.

Sounds like a great company to join but what about the disgruntled reps who claim it does not work?

Well if you did a review on every company, you would find distributors who claim that the business did not work and this 5Linx review is no exception.  The fact is, that there are some critical factors that you should pay attention to before joining 5Linx or any other Network Marketing Business.

5Linx Review | Here’s what the Reps Won’t tell You

Well of course the reps are not going to tell you that there is an extremely high failure rate within the company.  What do I mean by failure? – People who fail to even bring their business into profit.  Is this problem unique to 5Linx?


It isn’t.  It is a big problem in the industry in general because of the way people are being brought into the business and the methods to recruit others into the business.  This is a Network Marketing business and yet people with no experience in business networking or any experience in marketing are expecting to build a successful business.  Network Marketing is littered with broken dreams and feelings of being scammed into something that is unethical, but the truth is that when done properly, Network Marketing is one of the most ethical and rewarding industry models around.

So this 5Linx review also needs to show you what you need to do to be successful.  You need to have leads and you need to generate an income and simply the best tool out there to teach you the principles of how to do this is MyLeadSystem Pro.


5Linx Review – how to build a successful business

1)  Write down what you want from your business – what I mean by that is, you need to know your income goals and where you want to go with this.   Failing to do this, is like jumping in the driving seat of the car with no idea of where you’re going.

2)  Take time to learn the business that you’re in.  And I don’t just mean 5Linx – I mean Network Marketing.  The clue is in the name – take time to learn how to build your network and how to market your business properly by learning some simple online marketing strategies.

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3)  Choose your sponsor wisely – this is very important.  Choose someone who has the online marketing skills that you want to acquire, and of course someone who is already achieving what you want to achieve.  Ask them to map you out how you can earn a residual income of $1,000 per month and how many people /sales you would need to sponsor to achieve that.  (This will be a stumbling point for many sponsors as most will never have achieved a residual income of $1,000 a month.

4)  Now this one is contentious and probably NOT what you want to hear if you’re seriously considering Network Marketing as a choice of home business…….. but that’s what this review is for.  To give you the FACTS.

So here goes…..

Network Marketing does create more millionaires than any other industry – it’s true – that’s a fact.   BUT, and it’s a BIG but……. it is also true that the way the commission structure works in most MLMs you would have to have hundreds, if not thousands of people in your downline to achieve a full time income.

The reason for this is that most MLMs pay about 5-10% on your team’s sales activity.  Think about that for a minute if you are serious about wanting to leverage the power of a team for residual income (which is the obvious goal if you are in Network Marketing).  For every $100 of product sold, you are going to earn a measly $5.

THIS is why there is such a HUGE failure rate (97%) in the industry and why so many people drop out when you have just spent ages trying to recruit them.

So what do the top achievers know that the new Network Marketer doesn’t know?

Well they know that they need to have something to offer to the people who say NO to their primary Network Marketing business.  Because this way they are able to make their advertising fund itself.

So here’s what I mean.  Let’s take two different scenarios.

Scenario One…

Say you just got started and had no clue how to market your business online.  You know you could be using YouTube or Facebook or Twitter or Instagram to build your business……but you don’t know how to do it.

Then someone tries to recruit you into their business on Facebook, but you’re happy with the one you have – so you say NO to them.  But then they offer to help you to build YOUR business by giving you free access to some Facebook, or YouTube or Twitter or Instagram training……

You’d be pretty pleased right?

And you stay in touch with that person because they helped you.  And you find yourself getting some emails from them that help you all the time to build your business.

So you stay close to them because they always seem to provide really helpful information.

(It’s human instinct to want to “give back” to someone who helps you – and when your situation may change with your business – who will you want to follow, or buy something from?)

Okay let’s take scenario 2……

Say you added a Marketing training system to your business to help you – and say this training system had an affiliate programme that paid HUGE commissions on other members you bring in.  So this automatically gives you a secondary income source AND if you bring in your own downline, then they are all being trained on how to build their business properly……double wammy for you right?

So you go through the training and you find out how to generate leads for free using Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Periscope, Pinterest, blogging, Twitter, (and SO much more) and you are chatting to people on Facebook using the strategies we teach.  Then someone says NO to your primary business.

So before… would have just said goodbye.   But NOW you can say – well would you like some free training on………Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc etc etc and would you like to attend some weekly training calls that will help you build your business for FREE?  Now who is going to turn THAT one down?

And to register for the free training they have to leave their email – which goes straight onto your list of subscribers.  And yes….you guessed it – then they start to get really helpful emails on how to build their business and they get invited to weekly training webinars showing them the latest marketing strategies – all the while they are “cookied” to YOUR affiliate link should they decide to join because they see what great value it is.

Is this starting to make sense to you?

I’ve managed to build two separate businesses to 5-Figure months and I’ve done that by giving value to my prospects using the tools available through my favourite marketing system.

Why not take a look – Click Here ==>

Take Action Learn More Now

If you have any questions about choosing a Network Marketing business that’s right for you, then feel free to drop me an email or you can read my free report about what to look out for here – Network Marketing – Don’t Join Until you Read This!

I hope this 5Linx review has helped you, please share this if you found it useful, thank you.


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Momentis Review | Here’s What the Reps Definitely Won’t Be Telling You!

Momentis ReviewHave you been looking for a Momentis review and Momentis Scam Reports?

If you have, chances are you were searching online for more information about Momentis business opportunity when you found this Momentis review – I commend you for doing your due diligence to make sure that the Momentis Scam rumours that you may have seen on the internet are true or not.   You’ve come to the right article, as I am about to share with you something that the Momentis Reps definitely won’t be telling you!

More than likely, you just want to know if this company is the real deal and what they have to offer you. You may even be looking for a review of Momentis UK which is just about to launch over here in the UK in just a few weeks (Summer 2012). Whatever you are looking at this company for, this review is designed to give you a background on the company, the products they offer, and information on the business opportunity.

Please read this article all the way through, because there is something that the reps definitely won’t be telling you about, that you MUST know so that you can determine whether or not Momentisis right for you.  After all, I am guessing you want to earn an income from this right?  The strategy I’m going to share with you will enable you to become a top income earner with this company if that’s what you truly desire!

Momentis Review – Who is Momentis?

Momentis was founded by Andy McWilliams, a man with a passion for network marketing.  The driving ambition alone in McWilliams is strong because he has never done anything else in his adult life other than network marketing. Being partners with Just Energy, a publicly held company, Momentis is marketing them direct through this business model. This makes it possible for the company to be marketed direct to the consumer, easily and for less money. So, in the grand scheme of things, what is Momentis really marketing?

Momentis Review – What Momentis Offers

Momentis obviously markets energy, but they also market:

  • DirectTV
  • 4G Service
  • M-Digital
  • M-Mobile
  • Commercial Energy Management
  • A Dealer for ADT and more!

With so much to offer, it isn’t surprising that so many turn to Momentis for answers. In fact, the products and growth of Momentis are going so well, that they are about to launch their company into the UK.

Momentis Review – The Business of Momentis

So, when it comes to building a business with Momentis, what is it that you MUST do?   Well it’s the same two things that most network marketing companies do: 1) sign up customers, and 2) build a team. Sounds simple right? Well it is, however you need to remember that this is a business and requires time and effort to build.   This Momentis review can confirm that representatives can earn income including:

  • an immediate bonus
  • a mentor bonus
  • team bonuses
  • leadership bonus
  • and of course recurring income from customers

Momentis promotes earning an income from home, being your own boss, but providing you much needed support as you work your business. You get plenty of tools, resources, and the training so that you aren’t going into your business cold. These tools include personal website options so that you can market to billions of people rather than only a few.  Make sense? Momentis takes the time to get you through a certification program so that you know your product, and that is commendable. Their website doesn’t indicate what the investment would be, but you can request the information in order to get a phone call.

Momentis Review – Can You Earn a Full Time Income with Momentis?

After all of this, could you earn what you want with Momentis?   The truth is you can, and it’s possible when you treat your business like a business.   Is there any other way to do it? One of the most attractive features of this company is that there is no monthly auto-ship that is often a huge expense with other Network Marketing companies.  Of course you doneed to have customers, but so long as you do, you are able to achieve your bonuses.

Momentis Review – Here’s What the Reps  Definitely Won’t Be Telling You!

Whilst backed up by “Just Energy” – Momentis, is still a Network Marketing business and the stats would show that 97% of people in the Network Marketing industry earn less than $100 a month!  (Sadly that’s true!) – BUT ….. on the plus side, the Network Marketing industry is still responsible for creating more millionaires than any other industry.   So what do these people know that the 97% don’t?    Well they understand how to “market” their business by leveraging the power of the internet to build their business. The biggest issue for all network marketers is running out of prospects to talk to, not knowing “how” to talk to prospects effectively, and running out of cash to advertise when they run out of prospects. I  know this because it happened to me! After struggling to learn all the marketing strategies I needed, I finally understood why all the 7-figure network marketers were actually using a marketing system.  Once I joined a marketing system to run alongside my business, I went from struggling to profitable in 5 weeks.

Build Your Momentis Business Fast Using a Simple System – Click Here ===>

By using the power of a simple marketing system and learning some basic marketing strategies I’ve been able to generate hundreds of leads and sponsor up to 6 people in 11 days – something I didn’t even manage to do in a whole year when I was just building my business offline. So if you want to be part of the 3% in this industry with your Momentis business then take a look at this simple system to see exactly why it can help you. One last point to add is that of course if you are not sure that you want to join Momentis yet, why not learn how to use some simple marketing strategies first,by plugging in to our training, where there are 19 income streams built into the marketing system.  It makes perfect sense and I wish someone had told me this when I first got started – it would have saved me about 4 years struggle and disappointment.

I hope you found this Momentis review useful – if you did, please click the share buttons at the side, thankyou!

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