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The #1 Essential Step of Building a Profitable Online Business

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So this time last year I had just got back from a wonderful two week holiday (vacation!) away with the family to Florida and Clearwater.  The weather was gorgeous and the hotels we stayed in were just beautiful but there was something different this time…….

You see when the kids were young I worked part time in a corporate role and part time on my own business.

But I never made anything more than a few hundred dollars a month.

But this time using just some of  my business profits I paid for the whole holiday and have just booked a luxury holiday for this year all with the extra income I’ve been making.

And it felt GOOD!

And whilst I was away with only checking in to my business every couple of days I was still making commissions.

But here’s the thing…..

I know that so many people are needing serious help building a profitable business online.

And you know something…..?

It’s actually really not that hard – IF…… you can get away from the sales hype, the overwhelming amount of information that is on the internet, the “Guru” product launches and of course, the sponsor who disappears off the face of the earth when you ask them how to generate leads.

There IS a simple formula. (I promise you!)

But most people won’t take the simple path, because it still involves WORK.

Hard work (in the beginning)

Consistent action.

Daily action.


And whilst I am definitely on the FREEDOM path….. Make no mistake I’ve worked HARD to get where I am today and I have a BIG vision for all of my team this year too.

But I’m going to start laying it all down for you plain and simple.

No hype.

So today I want to talk to you about the #1 most essential part of building an online business.

And that is….. 

List building.

Imagine for a moment that you’re single and you were looking for a partner and you were to walk into a bar where you saw someone who looked like they would be the perfect partner for you – you probably wouldn’t go up to them and ask them in all seriousness to marry you (unless you were a bit of a joker!).  You would probably first get eye contact, maybe start chatting and then if it went well you would go for a date together right?

So I use this analogy because if you are sharing your business opportunity with someone the first time you “meet” them either in the flesh or on social media – then the chances are – they will say NO to your business.  They may even be offended because you have sent them a link without first having a “conversation” with them and finding out if there was a need or a desire to have a business in the first place.

So how should you approach someone about your business.

Well – aside from asking lots of questions to ascertain the need or desire to have a business, when your prospect has actually agreed to take a look, then they should be added to your email subscriber list.

I cannot tell you how many people have NOT joined me when I first showed them my business – but who (by being a subscriber to my email list) have later decided to join me.  It is also well known in the “marketing” industry that potential customers will need exposure to your products and services between 4 – 12 times before necessarily wanting to buy or join you.

So if you’re not building a subscriber list of people who are in your target market, then you have no-one to show your value to and you have no-one to continue to “market” your products and services to.

So how do you build an email subscriber list?

Well you will need some capture page software like Lead Pages and an autoresponder like Aweber

It’s a simple 3 step formula.

1)  Build a list (collect emails)
2)  Build the relationship and trust with those subscribers
3)  Give value and market your to that list of subscribers

Building a list is simply exchanging something of value that your prospect wants and will perceive to be valuable enough to give you their email for.

So for example – if you are a Network Marketer, then you will probably want to know how to use the internet or social media in order to generate more leads and prospects to talk to.

If you could master one strategy that could give you 5 qualified email prospects a day for your business that would be valuable to you right?

So something that would be of “value” to you – could be my top 3 lead generation sources – in which case, this is a genuine link to my top 3 lead sources which work for me over and over.

Click Here to access ==>

Or …..

And if you’re thinking – well that’s all very well, but I’m just starting out and I don’t know enough to be able to give value out yet – then consider learning some new skills for your business by using a marketing training system – like this one – Click Here==>.

This marketing training system allows you to brand yourself as a leader by being able to literally give away free lead generation training for network marketers.

So YOU get to look like a person of value and someone your target prospect can trust.  And we all know that people join people, they know, like and trust in this business.

If you would like to see the EXACT 5-Step Recruiting Formula that I used to build my business online that took me from $200 months to having my first $5,000 WEEK, then I’d like to invite you to watch this this workshop where I break down the 5 steps.

Register for FREE Recruit More Reps Workshop

I’ll see you there!




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Attention Network Marketers Are You Overwhelmed or Confused?

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So I decided to bring my business “ONLINE”, but looking back, if I had known the struggle I was about to embark on, I’m not sure I would have carried on…. (more…)

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How to Recruit More People

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But that’s because most people are doing it wrong.

Recruiting is based on human psychology and natural behaviours.  Take a listen to this short video to learn how to change your business so that sponsoring is easy.


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