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MLSP 100 Day Challenge – Do you want to See Results Like This?

MLSP 100 day challenge So 100 days ago, I signed up with MLSP and joined the MLSP 100 Day Challenge.

I had put off joining MLSP for a very long time, so you might be interested to read exactly why I changed my mind in the article   I called “No I don’t need MLSP in my Business!”

So I joined the 100 day challenge with just 4 goals – take a listen to this to see what happened and why we are doing it all again! Read More→

MLM Script 2: How To Handle Objections

MLM Script handling objections

MLM Script 2

Okay so if you read my last MLM ScriptWhat to Say to Your Prospect When the Phone Gets Heavy”, then you should have an idea of how you need to position yourself during a call to your prospect.

You see the key thing to know about using an MLM Script is that whilst they are really helpful when you are starting out, you really do need to understand how much your “posture” affects the result of every type of relationship you build either on or off the phone.  What do I mean by posture?  Read More→

NO! I Don’t NEED MLSP In My Business !

MLSPSeriously I didn’t need MLSP!

I spent 18 months learning what the 6 and 7 figure earners do to make money online – I studied their courses, I  spent thousands of dollars, heck I even flew over 5,500 miles to go and meet most of them, and I was now able to generate my own leads, so why on earth would I consider using a generic out of the box marketing tool and solution like MLSP?  It’s for newbies who know nothing about marketing right?

hmmm…….. (more…)

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