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Online MLM Success – Here’s Why It’s Avoiding You!

online mlm success

Is online MLM Success eluding you but you’re not really sure why?

I mean you’re working hard, you want it badly and yet STILL you’re not where you want to be and yet others seem to be achieving what you want without problem.

Is it hard for you to feel happy for others when this happens?

Do you feel like they just got lucky and you didn’t?  And then do you feel bad for feeling that because you may know them (and worse….actually like them)?

Ha – Well don’t beat yourself up……BUT

There could be the answer – like right THERE.

You see here’s the 7 things that will KILL your chances of online MLM success stone dead if you don’t understand them and why they can have a profound impact on you.

Before I share them – let me tell you how I came across them and why they had such an impact on me.

At the beginning of 2013 I bought a course from Ray Higdon who is a top online and offline success coach.  It was called Vibrational Money Immersion and focused on the teachings of Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill but adapted to suit Network Marketers and Home Business Entrepreneurs.  It was designed to help you focus on accepting wealth.  You can read more about it here if you would like to.

Was it any coincidence that my business literally exploded the following yearr?

You see my point is, that prior to going through the course my results had been uninspiring.  Just a few hundred dollars a month.

But after taking the teachings in this training seriously – things started changing.  Slowly at first and then as I started to apply  the new habits more consistently  – I noticed a dramatic change.  I started earning thousands in a single week and had my first five figure month.

Now I do need to add, that it is not just “thinking the 7 positive things” that brings the results and the wealth (but it’s a start).  It’s being “open” to what opportunities present themselves when you are in this heightened state of awareness, positivity and creativity and then backed up with massive action.

So what I want to share with you today is the 7 major  negative emotions that can play havoc with your business success if you don’t learn to recognize them and do something about them.

You see our minds will “default” into negative emotions and our actions will match our emotions unless we put them in check.  The positive emotions have to literally be “injected” into your mind through the power of audios, tutorials, reading, music and anything that will move you away from the negativity.

Online MLM Success Saboteurs – 7 Negative Emotions








Online MLM Success The 7 Positive Emotions






Romance / Sex


The key is understanding that  positive and negative emotions cannot operate in the mind at the same time.  This is where “habit” can help you out.

Get into the habit of focusing daily on positive aspects of your business – people who have achieved online MLM success in the same Company as you already proves to you that it can be done.  So all you have to do is follow the proven path – listen to online MLM success audios, listen to webinars, mindset training from people who are successful.  Focus on your goals daily and make sure you know exactly what it is you are aiming for in your business.

The key is doing it daily.

A single negative emotion can and will, destroy your chances of operating at your most creative and effective.  Do NOT let FEAR dominate your conversations – use strong words like I WILL (not I hope), I can (not I might or I can’t) I have faith (not, I’m not sure).  Trust me when I say your sub-conscious is listening to your “self-talk” that you have going on in your head.

Ray goes on to suggest a method which you can alleviate a negative emotion the minute you feel one coming on.  Literally turn away from whatever it was making you feel one of the negative emotions and stand up and put a big smile on your face.  Then think about or write down at least 20 things that you are grateful for in your life until you are filled with happy positive thoughts.

So that’s the mindset stuff covered!

Now if you are happy with that, then now’s the time to take massive action for your business to achieve your online MLM Success story.  If you would like help with the “how-to” stuff like lead generation and how to literally attract people to you so that you can talk to them about your business, then I can wholeheartedly recommend this resource.

Right now (in our team ONLY) we are running the $5k per month residual income challenge – and this is designed to help you build your existing business – Click Here to find out more ==>

Online MLM Success is right around the corner for you, if you get the mindset and the “how to” stuff working together!

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What High Achievers Do

There's No Traffic On The Extra MileRoger StaubachWhat high achievers do that “others” don’t is the topic of my video today.

It was inspired by a chat with someone in one of my groups on Facebook.

He was concerned that the overall statistics of 97% failure and 3 % success in the online and MLM industry meant that he could not help enough people and he wanted to change those statistics and help more people.  An admirable trait for sure, but I had to stop him right there and tell him this….. (more…)

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How to Live the Life You Want

living the life you want Are you living the life you want yet?

Well if you’re not – then take a read of this because this is the one thing I learned that had a MAJOR impact on my life and took me from $200 months to my first $5,000 week back in 2013…..

This could seriously be the one thing that stands between where you are now…..and where you want to be….and it’s probably not something you had even thought of!


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Are You Held Hostage By Your ‘To Do’ List?

vipAre you confused and overwhelmed by your “To Do” list?

I wonder how many of you have ever showed up each day in your business and just looked at your list of things to do and it seems overwhelming and you don’t know where to start?
On the opposite end – how many wake up to their business and have no real idea of what they should be doing each day?

And when you get to the end of the day, do you feel frustrated because you felt like you were busy and there was not enough time and yet you did nothing that actually moved your business forward?
Well I know what that feels like because I have been there too!

So…..If you’ve been in your business for a few months or more, then what is the ‘stuff’ that had the biggest impact in your business? It’s probably stuff that happened when you were leading from your heart – when you felt good about yourself and NOT when you were fiddling around on Facebook, working through a never ending list of tasks to do that probably weren’t moving your business forward.

So firstly ……

Do you actually believe you can create success in your life to create your desired lifestyle?

Because if you don’t……then your reality will be your expectation.

Let me say that again.

Your reality will be your expectation – what I mean by that is – if there is anything that you don’t 100% believe in about your business, then you need to address it. Because otherwise it will hold you back. If you don’t believe 100% that you can achieve the success that you desire – then you won’t.

This is your CHOICE.

(And many people struggle with that!)

So do you choose to believe that you can make money doing what you’re doing? Because if you do….then this is something you need to focus on every single day.

So WHO do you need to be to get yourself prepped up and ready to DO the tasks that you need to do each day to build your business?

What is the outcome you want?

If you are going to be the person to take rapid action then you need to get your head straight about what your big dream is and what your goals are.

Take the time to focus on this every single day. Look at or read your goals – have pictures of it, you could even do an audio of what your life looks like after you have achieved your goals and listen to it every night as if it has already happened and then again every morning (which is when your sub-conscious mind is most open).

This needs to be powerful enough to switch on your internal compass or your internal ‘sat nav’ to the direction you want to go. This gets your ‘head in the game’ and puts you in the right mindset to operate as ‘though this was a done deal and you are doing the exact tasks that are going to take you there.

You will create the success you expect to create so why not make it BIG and why not have FUN doing it?

This is the foundation of how you build your business. Choosing each day to believe that you will succeed and that you will be guided to do the important work – the real work – the work that actually builds your business.

Belief in you and your business is a choice!  And it’s YOUR choice!

Where do you ultimately want to be?   When you have reached your desired lifestyle – what sort of clients are you working with? What would you be doing daily in your business.  What would your life look like

80% of your time needs to be spent:
1) Looking at your goals and focusing on “being” the person that you aspire to be. Act like you would act and believe that you are already where you want to be.
2) Improving yourself through personal development books, audios – anything that is going to increase your specific knowledge (your skill) or your development as a marketer or leader so that you have more value to share with your target audience.
3) Creating valuable content that answers your target prospect’s biggest problems and questions and marketing that content so that it is out in front of that audience. This could be blogging, videos, social media specific(! activity and not just glancing through your feed!! )and any other primary business marketing strategy that you want to do.

THEN and only then, should you focus on the 20% which should be following up with emails, FB or Twitter communications, tweaking your ads or capture pages and all the other “stuff” that is on your to do list.

If you do this daily and prioritise these three things above ANYTHING else on your “to do” list then you will be moving closer to your goals every single day.

This has certainly worked for me and when I do this on a consistent basis, I have had my best results in my business.

The mindset and daily activities is something I put a lot of focus on in my private Facebook coaching group.  If you would like to be a part of this group, then you are very welcome – simply click the picture below and ask to be added – and I will see you there!

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Take Responsibility – Success Tips of Self Made Millionaires (3)

Success Tip 3 Taking responsibility

Success Tip 3 Taking responsibility

In the third in the series of the “21 Success Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires” adapted from the original sequence by Brian Tracy, I have shared something that I see in life every single day – people who will just blame every thing and everybody for their non-achievement or for when things go wrong.

Take a listen to success principle number 3 – I hope you enjoy the video – if you do, please leave me a comment and share it – Thanks!

I’ll see you tomorrow for success principle number 4 of self-made millionaires – if you would like to join my FREE Facebook coaching group – simply click here and request to join.

If you would like to learn some quick and simple traffic and lead generation strategies for your Network Marketing business then I can strongly recommend this! – Click Here ==>

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