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5 x Small Business Marketing Ideas

small business marketing ideas Small business marketing ideas for home or local businesses.

As more and more people are searching the internet and looking for a ‘Plan B”  I have decided to list some small business marketing ideas that will enable local or home businesses feature along with the “Big Boys” on page one of the search engine rankings.

So why is this important when the search engines are global and maybe you are only interested in local business?   (more…)

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Want an Income on the Internet in 2017?

Income on the internetIs an Income on the Internet for the average Person possible?

So as we move into the New Year and the brown envelopes are already starting to drop on the mat and the thought of working through towards your Summer holidays is now preying on your mind, it is often a time of reflection and a desire for things to be different than last year…… (more…)

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4 Ways to Create An Income on the Internet

income on the internetSo is it still possible to make an income on the internet?

Well yes it is and yes you can, BUT….

have a read of this first before you part with any hard earned cash and dive in to anything!!.

Now I originally wrote this post back in 2011, but I have come back to update it July 2016 with what’s working right NOW on the internet.

With the recession, poor pensions, redundancy, high college fees and the high cost of living that is all around us, more and more people are looking at ways to generate (or replace) their income.  Additional stress for those still in the corporate world is also causing many hundreds of thousands of people to turn to the world wide web to see if it’s really possible to earn an income on the internet but is this the right thing to do, or will you just end up losing more money? (more…)

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Don’t Try to “Hatch” Your New Distributors (Try Magnetic Sponsoring!)

Magnetic Sponsoring Magnetic Sponsoring by Mike Dillard is probably the best e-book I ever read.  I think it is only available on Amazon now, though as I first wrote this article in 2011 but it inspired a great training system called MLSP.

I had to do a 50 mile journey the other day and I was running a bit late, so I just grabbed a CD from my personal development pile and jumped in the car.  I listened to the radio for a while and then as a record came on that I had heard so many times, I pushed the CD into the slot.

Turns out the CD was a Dani Johnson one and she was talking about a subject relating to MLM Recruiting that made me laugh – Why?  Because I USED TO DO THIS!

I used to try to “hatch” my MLM Distributors – I would “mother-hen” them so much that in fact if I could have done it all for them I WOULD HAVE!!

When you first start out, you get so excited when someone actually joins your business, that you stop recruiting and start focusing completely on this one person, trying to “hatch” them into something that is going to be able to “fly” very quickly.

So you stop looking for new recruits so that you can focus on your new distributor.  Making sure they have everything they need, you write lists for them, give them contact details of uplines/downlines/crosslines if ever they can’t get hold of you(!), you do their product launches for them, you phone them all the time to “encourage” them and motivate them,  but then what happens?

The aliens come from planet ‘Zorb’ and take your new distributor away …………

(Or did that only happen to me?)

Okay well maybe they didn’t disappear quite that quickly (!), but definitely over a 2-3 month period.  Life starts to “get in the way” for them and they are unable to do the activities required to build their business and then slowly they stop joining your team calls or webinars.

So do you move on and go back to prospecting?

Heck no!

You keep trying to ‘hatch’ that distributor into the and try to work out ways of how you can make things “easier” for them and think of more that you can do to help them.  So you waste even more time, when you should be doing income producing activities.

Why is it so hard to “Let go of the outcome” – how can we NOT be emotionally attached to the outcome when we only have one distributor?

Mike Dillard explains it beautifully in Magnetic Sponsoring – it is often copied but never bettered, but all of the principles that were in this amazing e-book are what started the marketing training system called MLSP. (MyLeadSystemPro).

If you learn the secrets of Attraction marketing through MLSP your whole perception of your MLM business (and life!) will change.

It is one of the most unrecognized yet the most basic of our “animal” instincts embedded in us and to understand human behaviour in ANY sort of sales environment can only be beneficial if you wish to use it to your advantage.

(Oooops – sorry – did your Upline not tell you that MLM is DIRECT SALES??)

Put simply, you need abundance, you need posture (which comes from inner self confidence) and you need the unshakeable knowledge that you will succeed, because you will take action on what your learn and you are consistent and determined.

When you have an abundance of prospects to talk to about your business, you are able to “let go” of the outcome and you can quickly move on.

95% of people are NEVER going to join you in your business – FACT.

Move On!

1)       Learn Attraction Marketing basics from My Lead System Pro (MLSP)

2)      Put a simple marketing system in place that is easily duplicatable (MLSP Funnelizer)

3)      Have an unshakeable “Why” to get you out of bed in the morning (Over to YOU!)

4)      Learn and grow through MLSP

5)      Expect success!

For more information on MLSP – just click the picture below:



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What is Project Breakthrough? | What the Others Won’t Tell You!

what is project breakthroughWhat is Project Breakthrough?

And how can it help YOU?

In this blog post I will explain exactly what is Project Breakthrough and how it may help you, but I will also explain the one thing that probably no-one else will tell you about it…..I’m going to share my results AND I’m going to make some very honest recommendations for you about this – You will not get a more honest review than this one.


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