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I live in the UK about 25 miles outside of London with my husband, two children and our chocolate labrador “Archie”, and I feel privileged to be able to spend as much time with them as I do through truly getting the work/life balance right.

But it wasn’t always like that.

For 20 years I lived the “Corporate” lifestyle – working hard, and living for the few days holiday we were “allowed” each year, but it wasn’t until I had my children that I truly felt the pain of not being able to spend the time I wanted to with them.

I was still commuting each day to work, leaving the office as soon as I could to race round the motorway to collect my children from nursery, sometimes having to break all the speed regulations to do so.  I felt truly trapped in a life I really wanted to be enjoying with my children and realised that for too long I had been stifling an inner “entreprenurial” spirit.

So I started to look for something I could do from home and I came across the Network Marketing industry.

4 Years later and what had started as a dream was in fact a bit of a nightmare and had drained me of my savings!

Nicky Price

At the time I didn’t realise that I was being taught outdated “marketing” strategies that just plain didn’t work!   Topped with the fact that I was hung up on not bothering my friends and family and you can see why I didn’t have much success.   You see I had been fairly successful in my corporate career, and I felt that it was a very ineffective way to market my business by posting fliers through doors, or talking to (and boring) everyone I knew about the business as most people I spoke to were actually not looking for a business of their own and therefore the traditional Network Marketing methods taught to most new Networkers were not working for me.

One day, when I was having a heart to heart with my upline, she told me that I was doing everything right and that I just needed to do more of it and recommended a book that I could purchase off the internet.  I searched for the book (and found it!) but before finding the book, I found an article and some free training videos that quite literally stopped me in my tracks and made me re-evaluate everything I was doing.

From that moment on my business was never going to be the same – I was going to be successful, whatever it took!

I took a few months out of my business completely to find out more and to learn some new techniques and I knew I was never going to go back to prospecting in the same way as before.

Did it all change for me overnight?  NO! – It took me 18 months of struggle to fight through the amount of information out there, and what I CAN tell you is that there is a MUCH easier way to do it than I did!!!

Nowadays, my prospects come to me, because I can give direct 1:1 coaching on the latest marketing techniques, and I specialize in traffic generation (paid marketing) and free marketing strategies through video, and blogging.  The people that contact me are people who are self motivated and who take a real interest in their own personal development.  If you are one of those people, you are very welcome to come and join me in my FREE Facebook coaching group and ask any marketing or business building questions that you like!

Since transforming my own business,  I want to help others who are struggling like I was.  You see there is actually a very simple strategy for success – (point number 2 below is SO important and means I am building my business income 20 times faster than with traditional MLM.)

1)  Have the right attitude (VERY important!) and I can show you why!

2) Have the right “Vehicle” for success – there are some business plans out there that are designed to make everyone else rich rather than you.  I have found what I believe to be the perfect business for anyone to do with the highest paid commission on the planet!!

3)  Have the right coach/mentor.  It is absolutely proven that if you have the right mentoring and support around you it can dramatically improve the speed of your success.

So my aim for this website is to give great content to help you with the biggest problems you may have with your  business – because you can be sure that I have gone through most of them too!

Much of the content I  provide here is FREE, however you must understand that whilst I am prepared to help anyone who wants to help themselves, I am running a business and will therefore always spend more of my time coaching my direct teams or paid coaching clients.

I have invested heavily in my own education traveling thousands of miles and spending thousands of dollars (and pounds!) and I have spent time and have been coached by 7 and 8-Figure earners in the industry.  These sort of “live” events are ones that change your business for the better as you mix the offline relationship building with the online marketing strategies – meeting and spending time with these top industry earners has been responsible for transforming my business.

Having built two businesses to 5-Figure months, I made the decision to partner with an outstanding company that is ethical and pays out 70% commissions and moved into the all time top 200 income earners in this Company in my first twelve months.   As a member of my team in this opportunity you will benefit from direct coaching from me.

If you are happy where you are – then maybe one of my coaching packages will help you.        I am currently offering these two, but check back often as I do change these depending upon my own team activities:

1)  “30 days to 25 Leads a day” – 1 Month of coaching – 1 call per week of 1-2 hours of personal coaching with specific actions (homework!) to carry out.

Cost is $500

2)  FREE Strategy / Guidance Call – 30 – 45 minutes of 1:1 time with me to talk through your business and your goals – You will finish the call with a clear strategy of what you need to be doing to build a successful business.

Subsequent /follow up calls charged at $100 per call – Only one free call per individual.

To apply for either of these then simply fill out this form – Click Here==>

You can also  visit my Work with Nicky page.

To your absolute success,Nicky Price

Email: Nicky@NickyPriceMarketing.com
Skype: NickyVitality
Tel: (+44) (0)7587 176155
Facebook: https://facebook.com/NickyPricePublic



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